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cessations, plural;
  1. A ceasing; an end
    • - the cessation of hostilities
    • - a cessation of animal testing of cosmetics
  2. A pause or interruption
    • - a cessation of respiration requiring resuscitation

  1. a stopping; "a cessation of the thunder"
  2. A ceasing or discontinuance, as of action, whether temporary or final
  3. Having your benefits end for a medical or non-medical reason is cessation of your Social Security Disability benefits.
  4. The extinguishment of an obscuration—for example, anger—so that it can never arise again. When all afflictions have been eliminated, we attain nirvana.
  5. A pause or stopping of coverage/benefit
  6. Temporary truce signed in the autumn of 1643 between Ormonde and the Irish Confederates.
  7. For both SSI and SSDI, cessation is the point in which Social Security decides that a person no longer qualifies for disability-related benefits because of the amount of their earned income. This decision determines when disability benefits will end.
  8. a stopping; a discontinuance
  9. A stopping for some time.
  10. To cease, stop, or pause.