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Greatly admired; renowned,
  1. Greatly admired; renowned
    • - a celebrated mathematician

  1. widely known and esteemed; "a famous actor"; "a celebrated musician"; "a famed scientist"; "an illustrious judge"; "a notable historian"; "a renowned painter"
  2. having an illustrious past
  3. (celebrate) observe: behave as expected during of holidays or rites; "Keep the commandments"; "celebrate Christmas"; "Observe Yom Kippur"
  4. (celebrate) have a celebration; "They were feting the patriarch of the family"; "After the exam, the students were celebrating"
  5. (celebrate) lionize: assign great social importance to; "The film director was celebrated all over Hollywood"; "The tenor was lionized in Vienna"
  6. (celebration) a joyful occasion for special festivities to mark some happy event
  7. (A Celebration) "A Celebration" is a song by U2. It was released as a single in 1982 between the October and War albums in 1982. It does not appear on any U2 album. On its B-side, was "Trash, Trampoline and the Party Girl" (later shortened to "Party Girl").
  8. (A Celebration (Prince Tour)) A Celebration is a tour done by Prince in conjunction with the Hit + Run Tour in 2000-2001. Supporting albums are Rave Un2 the Joy Fantastic and High. The High album was due to be released but was shelved. ...
  9. (Celebrate (album)) Celebrate is the first LP recorded by popstars Triple Image.
  10. (Celebrate (Piero Esteriore & The MusicStars song)) "Celebrate" was the Swiss entry in the Eurovision Song Contest 2004, performed in English by Piero Esteriore & The MusicStars.
  11. (Celebration (Alaska festival)) Celebration is a biennial Tlingit, Haida and Tsimshian cultural event held in Juneau, Alaska. It is sponsored and organized by the Sealaska Heritage Institute, the non-profit cultural arm of Sealaska Corporation.
  12. (Celebration (band)) Celebration is a Baltimore-based band which is significantly influenced by its members' interest in cabaret culture .
  13. (Celebration (FL)) Celebration is a census-designated place (CDP) and a master-planned community in Osceola County, Florida, United States, near Walt Disney World Resort. It was developed by The Walt Disney Company. Celebration is part of the Orlando-Kissimmee Metropolitan Statistical Area. ...
  14. (Celebration (Julian Lloyd Webber album)) Celebration is a two CD set album released by the cellist Julian Lloyd Webber in 2001
  15. (Celebration (Madonna album)) Celebration is the third greatest hits album from American singer Madonna, and the closing release under her contract with Warner Bros. Records, her record company since 1982. ...
  16. (Celebration (musical)) Celebration is a musical with a book and lyrics by Tom Jones and music by Harvey Schmidt.
  17. famous or widely praised for good works
  18. (celebrate) To extol or honour in a solemn manner; To honour by rites, by ceremonies of joy and respect, or by refraining from ordinary business; to observe duly; to keep; To engage in joyful activity in appreciation of an event; To perform or participate in, as a sacrament or solemn rite; ...
  19. (celebration) The formal performance of a solemn rite, such as Christian sacrament; The observance of a holiday or feast day, as by solemnities; The act, process of showing appreciation, gratitude and/or remembrance, notably as a social event; A social gathering for entertainment and fun; a party
  20. (Celebrate) I looked up a common word in Swahili. The Swahili word is sherehe. I know that we use sherehe where in English we use the word "celebration," or "commemoration." The verb coming from it, sherehekea, means to celebrate something, or celebrate because of something.
  21. (Celebrate) If you leveled up this turn, get +20 HP.
  22. (Celebrate) To observe a day or event with ceremonies or days or respect, festivity, rejoicing and merrymaking.
  23. (celebrate) v. to honor a person or event with special activities
  24. (Celebrating) Valentine's Day, iFood Style Valentines Day is a special day all over the world. We at iFood believe that the way to the heart is through the belly. So we ... Mushroom Pasta Grilled Prawns Skirt Steak Grilled Sea Bass ...
  25. Celebrating fully honors wherever the client currently experiences him or herself in life. The coach uses this skill to deepen the client's appreciation of his or her own successes and failures, disappointments and wins. Celebrating is not necessarily about cheering. ...