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catches, 3rd person singular present; catching, present participle; caught, past participle; caught, past tense;
  1. Intercept and hold (something that has been thrown, propelled, or dropped)
    • - she threw the bottle into the air and caught it again
  2. Intercept the fall of (someone)

  3. Seize or take hold of
    • - he caught hold of her arm as she tried to push past him
  4. Grasp or try to grasp
    • - his hands caught at her arms as she tried to turn away
  5. Capture (a person or animal that tries or would try to escape)
    • - we hadn't caught a single rabbit
  6. (of an object) Accidentally become entangled or trapped in something
    • - the charm bracelet always caught on her clothing
  7. (of a person) Have (a part of one's body or clothing) become entangled or trapped in something
    • - she caught her foot in the bedspread
    • - companies face increased risks of being caught in a downward spiral
  8. Fix or fasten in place
    • - her hair was caught back in a scrunchie
  9. Reach in time and board (a train, bus, or aircraft)
    • - they caught the 12:15 from Chicago
  10. Reach or be in a place in time to see (a person, performance, program, etc.)
    • - she was hurrying downstairs to catch the news
  11. Come upon (someone) unexpectedly
    • - unexpected snow caught us by surprise
  12. (of a person) Unexpectedly find oneself in (an unwelcome situation)
    • - my sister was caught in a thunderstorm
  13. Be punished or told off

  14. Surprise (someone) in an incriminating situation or in the act of doing something wrong
    • - he was caught with bomb-making equipment in his home
  15. Engage (a person's interest or imagination)

  16. Perceive fleetingly
    • - she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror
  17. Hear or understand (something said), esp. with effort
    • - he bellowed something Jess couldn't catch
  18. Succeed in evoking or representing
    • - the program caught something of the flavor of Minoan culture
  19. Strike (someone) on a part of the body
    • - Ben caught him on the chin with an uppercut
  20. Accidentally strike (a part of one's body) against something
    • - she fell and caught her head on the corner of the hearth
  21. Contract (an illness) through infection or contagion

  22. Become ignited, due to contact with flame, and start burning
    • - the rafters have caught
  23. (of an engine) Fire and start running

  1. (catch) a drawback or difficulty that is not readily evident; "it sounds good but what's the catch?"
  2. (catch) discover or come upon accidentally, suddenly, or unexpectedly; catch somebody doing something or in a certain state; "She caught her son eating candy"; "She was caught shoplifting"
  3. (catch) perceive with the senses quickly, suddenly, or momentarily; "I caught the aroma of coffee"; "He caught the allusion in her glance"; "ears open to catch every sound"; "The dog picked up the scent"; "Catch a glimpse"
  4. (catch) the quantity that was caught; "the catch was only 10 fish"
  5. (catch) a person regarded as a good matrimonial prospect
  6. (catch) get: reach with a blow or hit in a particular spot; "the rock caught her in the back of the head"; "The blow got him in the back"; "The punch caught him in the stomach"
  7. Caught is a method of dismissing a batsman in the sport of cricket. Being caught out is the most common method of dismissal at higher levels of competition. ...
  8. The Bronx Is Burning is a television drama that debuted on ESPN on July 9, 2007, after the 2007 MLB Home Run Derby. It is an eight-episode mini-series adapted from Jonathan Mahler's best-selling book, Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bronx Is Burning. ...
  9. Caught is a 1949 American dramatic film based on a novel by Libbie Block. It is considered director Max Ophuls's most successful American work. Caught has been released on DVD in France, and the UK.
  10. Caught is a 1996 erotic thriller film about a drifter who disrupts the simple life of a fish market owner and his wife. The film was directed by Robert M. Young, and stars Edward James Olmos, Arie Verveen, Maria Conchita Alonso, and Bitty Schram.
  11. Caught (Casablanca Records and Filmworks Inc. NBLP-7231) is the third album of singer, song writer, producer and composer Teri DeSario. ...
  12. My Own Way is the second studio album by British R&B singer Jay Sean, released May 12, 2008 on Jayded Records and 2Point9 Records.
  13. Of the method of being out in which the striker hits the ball and a fielder catches it
  14. (catch) The act of seizing or capturing. ^syn; The act of catching an object in motion, especially a ball. ^syn.^ transl; The act of noticing, understanding or hearing. ^syn.^ transl; The game of catching a ball. ...
  15. (Catch) Occurs with hand entry into water. The hand "catches" or "grabs" water.
  16. (Catch) The act of landing a fish at which point the fisher has the option of releasing or retaining it.
  17. (Catch) When the cards are treating you well, you are said to be catching cards.
  18. (catch) To receive needed cards on a draw. I'm down 300--I can't catch anything today. or Joe caught his flush early, but I caught the boat on seventh street to beat him. Often used with an adjective to further specify, for example "catch perfect", "catch inside", "catch smooth". ...
  19. (Catch) The total number or poundage of fish captured from an area over some period of time. This includes fish that are caught but released or discarded instead of being landed. The catch may take place in an area different from where the fish are landed. ...
  20. (Catch) The starting point in the stroke pattern where the hand feels the most resistance and begins effective propulsive movement.
  21. (Catch) A Java(TM) programming language keyword used to declare a block of statements to be executed in the event that a Java exception, or run time error, occurs in a preceding "try" block.
  22. (Catch) When a player makes the hand s/he was drawing to, by ‘catching’ the card they needed when it comes down on the board.
  23. (Catch) In keno, to catch a number means that a number you have marked on your keno ticket has been drawn
  24. (catch) betræppan; fon; gefon; gehæftan; læccan
  25. (Catch) when one of your numbers is drawn. ‘Catch 3′ means 3 of your numbers have been drawn.