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categorised, past participle; categorises, 3rd person singular present; categorised, past tense; categorized, past tense; categorizes, 3rd person singular present; categorized, past participle; categorising, present participle; categorizing, present participle;
  1. Place in a particular class or group
    • - odors have been categorized into only seven basic groups

  1. place into or assign to a category; "Children learn early on to categorize"
  2. (categorized) arranged into categories
  3. (categorization) classification: a group of people or things arranged by class or category
  4. To assign a category; to divide into classes
  5. The categorization of existing substances on the Domestic Substance List (DSL) determines if any of these substances require further assessment by government. Further assessment is required if a substance:
  6. (1. Categorization) Depicting the subject as a type in such a way to reduce its uniqueness and play up its attachment to a group. This can be accomplished through the use of captions, object-signs that call to mind cultural- or stereotypical associations, or physiognomic stereotypes (96).
  7. (3. Categorization) the words in different categories such as animals, plants and other classified memory, you can find a classification of words as a reference.
  8. (CATEGORIZATION (MEANING)) As we also know from social psychology, people tend to categorize people, and so do speakers in parliament, especially when Others (immigrants, refugees, etc.) are involved. ...
  9. (Categorization) An EIP categorizes all information so that it is delivered to the user within the context needed (think of the subject structure on Yahoo)
  10. (Categorization) Categorizing is grouping content resources into separate "piles" based on some characteristic or characteristics of the content resources.
  11. (Categorization) Organizing documents, web pages and other content into logical groupings based on their content.
  12. (Categorization) Placement of a Term into a specified Category will be done as such by the most prominent Definition listed. Slang shall not be used in this process unless the Term, in its entirety, is slang.
  13. (Categorization) The user is asked to find a noun based on its category ("Which one is clothing?").
  14. (Categorization) has a fundamental role in learning design (a function that is already present in very little children), and therefore has a first order role in knowledge representation, in concept maps/semantic networks construction and analysis. ...
  15. (Categorization) identifies the action required on the case.
  16. (Categorization) refers to the process and outcome of matching particular job requirements with one or more Career Pattern Scenarios. It is a first step toward the goal of building desirable and effective work environments.
  17. (Categorization) section: All related (exclusively) to the "gay" sexual preference, but nothing to tie it to it's relation to the furry fandom, or "sexual preferences" in general for that matter.
  18. (categorization) Associates partner offerings with catalog offerings and groups them into enterprise catalog categories.
  19. (Categorizing) At some point in every channel, large amounts of heterogeneous supplies have to be converted into smaller homogeneous categories. Returning to pharmaceutical channels, the number of drugs available through retail outlets is huge. More than 10,000 legal drugs exist. ...
  20. (Categorizing) The process of putting objects or events together on the basis of a logical rationale. There are two kinds of categorizing, grouping and classifying. When scientists group objects, they put them together on the basis of a single property. ...
  21. (Categorizing) digital classification - organizing and classifying files, web sites and materials using folders etc.
  22. When your child talks about the neighbor’s cat, say “a cat is an animal.” Other examples would be “a pear is a fruit” or “a motorcycle is a vehicle.”