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carefullest, superlative;
  1. Making sure of avoiding potential danger, mishap, or harm; cautious
    • - I begged him to be more careful
    • - be careful not to lose her address
    • - Careful! That stuff's worth a fortune!
  2. Anxious to protect (something) from harm or loss; solicitous
    • - he was very careful of his reputation
  3. Prudent in the use of something, esp. money
    • - he had always been careful with money
  4. Done with or showing thought and attention
    • - a careful consideration of the facts

  1. exercising caution or showing care or attention; "they were careful when crossing the busy street"; "be careful to keep her shoes clean"; "did very careful research"; "careful art restorers"; "careful of the rights of others"; "careful about one's behavior"
  2. cautiously attentive; "careful of her feelings"; "heedful of his father's advice"
  3. unhurried and with care and dignity; "walking at the same measured pace"; "with all deliberate speed"
  4. full of cares or anxiety; "Thou art careful and troubled about many things"-Luke 10.41
  5. mindful of the future in spending money; "careful with money"
  6. (carefully) cautiously: as if with kid gloves; with caution or prudence or tact; "she ventured cautiously downstairs"; "they handled the incident with kid gloves"
  7. (carefulness) caution: the trait of being cautious; being attentive to possible danger; "a man of caution"
  8. Careful is a 1992 Canadian drama film directed by Guy Maddin. The film takes place in a 19th-century Alpine village where the wary residents must speak softly and tread lightly lest they cause an avalanche. It explores repressed sexuality and entangled incestuous relationships.
  9. "Careful" is a song by the American Alternative rock band Paramore. The song charted on the Billboard Hot 100 the week Brand New Eyes was released before it was announced as a single. It charted due to digital downloads. It is the fourth single from their third studio album, Brand New Eyes. ...
  10. "Careful" is a song by Sebadoh from their 1994 album Bakesale. It was released as a CD Single in Germany.
  11. "Careful" is Guster's second single released off the Keep it Together album. It is also on the live CD and DVD Guster on Ice.
  12. Full of care or grief; sorrowful, sad; Full of cares or anxiety; worried, troubled; Having care (for); attentive to potential danger, error or harm; cautious; Conscientious and painstaking; meticulous
  13. ((carefully)) (balanced, judged) soigneusement;
  14. (carefully) conscientiously, exactly, rigidly, precisely, fastidiously
  15. (carefully) diligenter - 4 misses
  16. Freudian angst and sexual confusion in the German village of Tolzbad: EO presents the Canadian arthaus film Careful.
  17. Cautious, Dependable, Frugal, Preservation, Precision, Prudence, Realism, Reliable, Restraint, Self-preservation, Single-mindedness, Temperance, Thrift.
  18. ad. acting safely; with much thought
  19. Danger/Whose Problem/Days Are Okay
  20. sorrowful, full of troubles