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career ladder wordnet sense
  1. The term "career ladder" is a metaphor or buzzword used to denote vertical job promotion. In business and human resources management, the ladder typically describes the progression from entry level positions to higher levels of pay, skill, responsibility, or authority. ...
  2. (Career Laddering) Career laddering is the process of using a previously earned post-secondary credential to enter another program at a higher level.
  3. (Career Ladders) A system that offers support to workers to develop pathways, structures, training and support for workers to advance in employment.
  4. A hierarchy of jobs consisting of series of more complex duties and responsibilities within a general occupational area.
  5. The path a specific career follows as workers advance. The path generally occurs as a person moves into positions with more responsibility. Workers can follow career ladders within one firm or company or across several organizations. ...
  6. A system designed to create different status levels for teachers by developing steps one can climb to receive increased pay through increased responsibility or experience.
  7. A structured series of job positions through which an individual progresses in an organization.