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canopies, plural;
  1. Cover or provide with a canopy
    • - a canopied bed
    • - the river was canopied by overhanging trees
  1. An ornamental cloth covering hung or held up over something, esp. a throne or bed

  2. Something hanging or perceived as hanging over a person or scene
    • - the canopy of twinkling stars
  3. A rooflike projection or shelter
    • - they mounted the station steps under the concrete canopy
  4. The transparent plastic or glass cover of an aircraft's cockpit

  5. The expanding, umbrellalike part of a parachute, made of silk or nylon

  6. The uppermost trees or branches of the trees in a forest, forming a more or less continuous layer of foliage
    • - monkeys spend hours every day sitting high in the canopy

  1. the transparent covering of an aircraft cockpit
  2. cover with a canopy
  3. the umbrellalike part of a parachute that fills with air
  4. An aircraft canopy is the transparent enclosure over the cockpit of some types of aircraft. The function of the canopy is to provide a weatherproof and reasonably quiet environment for the aircraft's occupants. The canopy will be as aerodynamically shaped as possible to minimize drag.
  5. The Honda Gyro is a family of small, three-wheeled, single-occupant vehicles sold primarily in Japan, and often used for delivery or express service.
  6. In biology, the canopy is the aboveground portion of a plant community or crop, formed by plant crowns.
  7. A canopy is an overhead roof or else a structure over which a fabric or metal covering is attached, able to provide shade or shelter. A canopy can also be a tent, generally without a floor. ...
  8. In viticulture, the canopy of a grapevine includes the parts of the vine visible aboveground - the trunk, cordon, stems, leaves, flowers, and fruit. ...
  9. The term Canopy is used by skydivers or parachutists to describe the actual parachute itself, as opposed to the parachute system as a whole. ...
  10. A high cover providing shelter, such as a cloth supported above an object, particularly over a bed; Any overhanging or projecting roof structure, typically over entrances or doors; The zone of the highest foliage and branches of a forest; In an airplane, the transparent cockpit cover; In a ...
  11. (8. Canopying) This is a recent addition to adventure sports in Costa Rica and other parts of the world. It involves flying through the treetops, at over 40 yards from the ground, in the tropical rain and cloud forests. ...
  12. A projecting roof system that is supported and restrained at one end only.
  13. An overhanging roof.
  14. A portable canvas shelter used to cover the grave area during a burial. Also called a tent.
  15. branch and leaf portion of tree (also called ‘crown’).
  16. 1) Umbrella-like covering by the tops of redwood trees; 2) Umbrella organization that accepts individuals and groups under its guidance and protection (sometimes legal, but not always).
  17. The structure covering the pump islands.
  18. To dream of a canopy or of being beneath one, denotes that false friends are influencing you to undesirable ways of securing gain. You will do well to protect those in your care.
  19. Covering over a bed or other furniture, suspended by posts; generally a wood frame with fabric.
  20. The decorative cover which encloses the mounting bracket.
  21. Any overhanging or projecting structure with its extreme end unsupported.
  22. A projection over windows and doors to protect them from the weather.
  23. The construction of fabric and lines used to land safely after a freefall. Usually used in conjunction with a type reference (round, square, zero-p, main or reserve).
  24. The decorative plate that attaches to the ceiling to cover the junction box.
  25. An inverted shallow dish at the top of a chandelier from which festoons of beads are often suspended, lending a flourish to the top of the fitting.