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cabs, plural;
  1. Travel in a taxi
    • - Roger cabbed home
  1. A cabinet containing a speaker or speakers for a guitar amplifier

  1. a compartment at the front of a motor vehicle or locomotive where driver sits
  2. taxi: ride in a taxicab
  3. small two-wheeled horse-drawn carriage; with two seats and a folding hood
  4. a car driven by a person whose job is to take passengers where they want to go in exchange for money
  5. In computing, CAB is the Microsoft Windows native compressed archive format. It supports compression and digital signing, and is used in a variety of Microsoft installation engines: Setup API, Device Installer, AdvPack (for the installation of ActiveX components from Internet Explorer) and ...
  6. Čab is a village and municipality in the Nitra District in western central Slovakia, in the Nitra Region.
  7. CAB is a jazz fusion supergroup featuring Bunny Brunel (bass), Tony MacAlpine (guitar), Brian Auger (keyboards), Patrice Rushen (keyboards) and Dennis Chambers (drums). They have released at least four CDs and three DVDs since 2000.
  8. The cab, crew compartment or driver's compartment of a locomotive is the part of the locomotive housing the train driver or engineer, the fireman or driver's assistant (secondman) (if any), and the controls necessary for the locomotive's operation.
  9. "Cab" is a 2005 song by the alternative rock band Train. It was included on the band's fourth studio album, For Me, It's You, and produced by Brendan O'Brien. It was released as the album's lead single, before the album was released. ...
  10. Hosehead is a character of the Transformers toyline and television series. He is an Autobot Headmaster and transforms into a fire engine. He should not be confused with the character Cab.
  11. A taxi; a taxicab; Compartment at the front of a truck or train for the driver; Any of several four-wheeled carriages; a cabriolet
  12. (CABS) Central Airfare Billing System. A web-based application designed to provide an easy to use method for requesting air-travel authorization and to allow a traveler to book and pay for an airline reservation without receiving a travel advance or paying for the ticket out-of-pocket. ...
  13. (CABS) Conference of Area Board Staff
  14. (Cabs) Toyota offers three different cab styles in its pickup trucks: Regular cab with front seats only and two doors. Access Cab with front seats, small rear seats and four doors (two regular size and two small rear doors). Referred to as an Extended Cab, SuperCab or King Cab by competitors. ...
  15. Coronary artery bypass. Surgery in which a healthy blood vessel taken from another part of the body is used to make a new path for blood around a blocked artery leading to the heart. This restores the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the heart. ...
  16. To ride in a cab in dreams, is significant of pleasant avocations, and average prosperity you will enjoy. To ride in a cab at night, with others, indicates that you will have a secret that you will endeavor to keep from your friends. ...
  17. Church Administration Building
  18. The compartment of a rail car where the operator works and where the rail car's controls are located
  19. short for cabriolet, a light two-wheeled carriage.
  20. Centre for Agriculture and Bioscience International
  21. team responsible for approving all high and critical risk Request for Changes (RFCs). This team currently includes the IT@CSUEB Deputy CIO and several other IT S managers.
  22. Calc-alkaline basalt. Basalts found in Orogenic Andesite series, showing the characteristic continental fingerprint with anomalously low Nb-Ta and Ti with (at least in continental and matures arc series) relatively high Cs, Rb, Ba, Th, U, K. ...
  23. (1) See Cable Advertising Bureau  (2) See Canadian Association of Broadcasters
  24. Finished portion of the elevator in which people ride.
  25. Customer Advisory Board - A CAB is a special type of focus group composed of high level management workers.