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  1. DCA is located on the George Washington Memorial Parkway, and connected to U.S. Route 1 by the Airport Viaduct (State Route 233). Interstate 395 is just north of DCA, and is accessible by the G.W. Parkway and U.S. Route 1.
  2. Faizabad is situated on National Highway 28 and has good connectivity with Lucknow (128 km), Varanasi (200 km), Allahabad (165 km) and Gorakhpur. The state government's Road Transport Service runs regular and frequent buses to and from these cities.
  3. Mumbai-Aundha, 579 km, Nagpur-Aundha, 359 km, Aurangabad - Aundha, 210 km, Parbhani - Aundha, 50 km. State Transport buses ply from Nanded, Parbhani, Chondi to Aundha.
  4. linked to the east and west by the M4 motorway, to the north by the A470.