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bursaries, plural;
  1. A scholarship to attend a college or university

  2. The treasury of an institution, esp. a religious one

  1. the treasury of a public institution or religious order
  2. A bursary is strictly an office for a bursar and his or her staff in a school or college.
  3. Bursaries (and scholarships) are financial help for students primarily from poorer backgrounds that are aimed at easing the transition into higher education and help them successfully complete their studies. Most are means-tested, but some are based on other criteria such as academic merit.
  4. (Bursaries) Common abbreviation for University Entrance, Bursaries and Scholarships. Also the awards and payments gained within that qualification.
  5. (Bursaries) Special grants provided by universities to provide extra financial assistance to those who need it. They do not have to be paid back. Apply directly to your university or college to find out what they offer.
  6. (Bursaries) are awarded based on financial need rather than academic criteria.
  7. Bursaries offer financial help for students to help them successfully complete their studies. SFC provides colleges with bursary funds to support their students studying up to but not including Higher National Certificate (HNC) level. ...
  8. Financial assistance awarded to a student by the government when the amount that may be granted in the form of a loan for an award year does not cover the difference between the student’s allowable expenses and the contributions expected in his or her case. ...
  9. A bursary is an award based on financial need, which does not have to be paid back once you have completed your studies. There are requirements, both academic and non-academic, that must be fulfilled in order to be granted the award. ...
  10. Non-refundable financial aid granted to students to enable them to pursue a program of studies.
  11. a financial grant given to eligible students that doesn’t need to be repaid.
  12. an amount of money given to a student based solely on financial need.  Click here to learn more about bursaries offered at Saint Mary’s University.   Compare with “scholarships” below.
  13. A scholarship (see Scholarship) granted to eligible students in need, to help with living or study costs.
  14. A monetary award that is granted to a student based on financial need. A bursary does not require repayment.
  15. A grant awarded to a person on application who fulfils specific criteria.
  16. An award given primarily on the basis of financial need; however, other criteria or conditions may be included
  17. Money given to you from your chosen university that you don’t pay back. Bursaries, or sometimes they are called scholarships, are given to you on top of any student loans or grants you may receive. ...
  18. Contribution to the school fees, usually given to those who are poor
  19. Bursaries enable pupils to attend the school who otherwise would not be able to afford the fees. To apply for a bursary a detailed form about your personal circumstances needs to be completed.
  20. A non-repayable cash payment that is made to students who demonstrate financial need. See Financial Aid for more information.
  21. The Allan Gray Orbis Foundation defines this as financial funding to complete tertiary education.
  22. A cash award to help students pay for their university education. Awarded on the basis of financial need and academic achievement.
  23. A financial aid given to students to assist them in their studies. Bursaries have to be applied to prior to study, and can be a vital supplement to cover the costs of study. ...
  24. Means-tested financial aid offered by all colleges and the University to reduce the burden of tuition fees or living costs. Cambridge has a policy of not letting anyone leave due to financial need or difficulty.
  25. A non-repayable award made to eligible students.