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burnt, past tense; burning, present participle; burns, 3rd person singular present; burnt, past participle; burned, past participle; burned, past tense;
  1. (of a fire) Flame or glow while consuming a material such as coal or wood
    • - a fire burned and crackled cheerfully in the grate
  2. (of a candle or other source of light) Be alight
    • - a light was burning in the hall
  3. Be or cause to be destroyed by fire
    • - he watched his restaurant burn to the ground
  4. Damage or injure by heat or fire
    • - I burned myself on the stove
  5. (of a person, the skin, or a part of the body) Become red and painful through exposure to the sun
    • - my skin tans easily but sometimes burns
  6. Feel or cause to feel sore, hot, or inflamed, typically as a result of illness or injury

  7. (of a person's face) Feel hot and flushed from an intense emotion such as shame or indignation
    • - her face burned with the humiliation
  8. Be possessed by (a desire or an emotion)
    • - Martha was burning with curiosity
  9. Use (a type of fuel) as a source of heat or energy
    • - a diesel engine converted to burn natural gas
  10. (of a person) Convert (calories) to energy
    • - the speed at which your body burns calories
  11. Produce (a compact disc) by copying from an original or master copy

  12. Drive very fast
    • - he burned past us like a maniac
  1. A small stream; a brook

  1. pain that feels hot as if it were on fire
  2. destroy by fire; "They burned the house and his diaries"
  3. shine intensely, as if with heat; "The coals were glowing in the dark"; "The candles were burning"
  4. tan: a browning of the skin resulting from exposure to the rays of the sun
  5. undergo combustion; "Maple wood burns well"
  6. an injury caused by exposure to heat or chemicals or radiation
  7. A burn is a type of injury to the skin caused by heat, electricity, chemicals, light, radiation or friction. Total Burn Care, 3rd Edition, Edited by David Herndon, Saunders, 2007. Most burns only affect the skin (epidermal tissue and dermis). ...
  8. Burn! (Italian title: Queimada) is a 1969 film directed by Gillo Pontecorvo; starring Marlon Brando. The plot is loosely based on events in the history of Guadeloupe. The main character is named after William Walker, the famous American filibuster. ...
  9. "Burn" is a song by the Chicago-based punk rock band Alkaline Trio, released as the third single from their 2005 album Crimson. It peaked at #34 on the UK Singles Chart. ...
  10. Burn is a New York hardcore band which began in 1988 playing what could be considered progressive hardcore music with introspective lyrics.
  11. Burn is the self-titled, debut release of the American hardcore band Burn.
  12. Burn is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Deep Purple. It was recorded in Montreux, Switzerland in November 1973 with the Rolling Stones Mobile Studio, and released in February 1974.
  13. (burning) A fire; So hot as to seem to burn (something); Feeling very hot; Feeling great passion
  14. (Burned) Discarded; what is done to the top card after the deck is cut so that the player can't see it's value.
  15. (BURNED) When a spy is "burned", it means that he or she has been discovered. For example, when you are tailing someone, and this person notices that you are tracking their moves, then you've been burned. Even worse, when you're exposed as a spy, you're also burned. ...
  16. (Burned) A surveillance agent who has been discovered by his or her target. This may occur if the agent and target make eye contact.
  17. (Burned) An area where more than 80% of the subcompartment has been burned and has not yet been replanted / reforested, provided there is still evidence of the former crop (stumps, burned stems, etc). Minimum size of subcompartment is 0.5 ha. ...
  18. (Burned) Taint caused by extreme over drying during manufacture.
  19. (Burned) You cannot be healed until this condition is removed.  Fire damage causes the condition Burned.
  20. (burned) When a case officer or agent is compromised, or a surveillant has been made by a target, usually because they make eye contact.
  21. (Burning) Permanently damaging a metal or alloy by heating so as to cause either incipient melting or intergranular oxidation.
  22. (Burning) an exothermic oxidation/reduction reaction.  Fireworks typically use oxygen-rich salts such as perchlorates, chlorates, or nitrates to rapidly oxidize fuels such as metals, gums, sulfur, or charcoal.
  23. (burning) term for writing data to a cd
  24. (Burning) This is the process of putting the rendered and authored video onto a DVD, which can be played back on a DVD player.
  25. (Burning) Purposely darkening selected parts of an image using an image editing software