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bureaus, plural; bureaux, plural;
  1. A chest of drawers

  2. A writing desk with drawers and typically an angled top opening downward to form a writing surface

  3. An office or department for transacting particular business
    • - a news bureau
  4. The office in a particular place of an organization based elsewhere
    • - the London bureau of the Washington Post
  5. A government department
    • - the intelligence bureau

  1. agency: an administrative unit of government; "the Central Intelligence Agency"; "the Census Bureau"; "Office of Management and Budget"; "Tennessee Valley Authority"
  2. chest of drawers: furniture with drawers for keeping clothes
  3. The Bureau of the European Parliament is responsible for matters relating to the budget, administration, organisation and staff. It is composed of the President of the European Parliament along with all 14 Vice-Presidents and the five Quaestors (in a consultive capacity). ...
  4. The Bureau were a New Wave soul group formed in late 1980 in Birmingham, England when the original lineup of Dexys Midnight Runners split-up.
  5. office; desk, usually with a cover and compartments for storing papers etc. located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath; chest of drawers for clothes
  6. (Bureaus) Government agencies charged with implementing legislation and financed by appropriations from legislative bodies.
  7. (Bureaus) A bureau is a form of writing desk, and has a number of names: including escritoire, scriptor and secretaire. The earliest type, dating from about 1675, was a cabinet on an open stand, with a hinged front that let down to make a writing surface. ...
  8. A booking or sales company that sells the services of multiple speakers. Bureaus are much like travel agencies.
  9. Another name for a teleservice company or outsourcing call center.
  10. A chest of drawers used in the bedroom. See dresser.
  11. A major sub-division of the Fire Department.  Bureaus are headed by Deputy Chiefs.
  12. an office for gathering or distributing news. Similar terms are used for specialized bureaus, often to indicate geographic location or scope of coverage: a Tokyo bureau refers to a given news operation’s office in Tokyo. ...
  13. A level of government defined by bureaus, services, surveys, and offices within the Department of the Interior.
  14. means Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives; Bureau of Prisons; Drug Enforcement Administration; Federal Bureau of Investigation; Immigration and Naturalization Service; U.S. Marshals Service; Executive Office for Immigration Review; Executive Office for U.S. ...
  15. A clearinghouse for QSL cards sent to and received from ham operators in other countries.
  16. A government department or a subdivision of a department
  17. Desk popular in late seventeenth-century England and France distinguished by its sloping fall-front. The flap is hinged at the base and rests on lopers when open, folds up at an angle when closed. Base often contains drawers. In America, used to describe a bedroom chest-of-drawers.
  18. a subdivision of an executive department set up to co-ordinate activities. See: Army Signal Bureau
  19. A body responsible for directing the work of the COP. Its 10 members are delegates elected by each of five regional groups. The Bureau includes the COP President, six Vice Presidents, the Chairs of SBI and SBSTA, and a rapporteur. Each of the Convention's subsidiary bodies also has a Bureau.
  20. International Amateur organizations set up to process QSL cards between countries. Provides an inexpensive way to send and receive QSL cards.
  21. Outpost of the news organization, such as in a suburban area, the state or national capital, or overseas.
  22. In institutional terms, this is the name given to the management committees of some of the EU institutions.
  23. A dresser used to store clothing also a piece of furniture with drawers used as a desk. Bureau's normally feature either a fall-front, which slopes at 45 degrees, a tambour front or a cylinder front. Find bedroom furniture.
  24. The role of the Bureau is to deliver payments via the payment services at VocaLink (commonly referred to as Bacs) on behalf of its customers. A Bureau is accredited by Bacs, undergoing rigorous inspections at regular intervals. ...
  25. A French term for a fall-front or cylinder-top writing desk.