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bungalows, plural;
  1. A low house, with a broad front porch, having either no upper floor or upper rooms set in the roof, typically with dormer windows

  1. a small house with a single story
  2. A bungalow is a type of house, with varying meanings across the world. Common features to many (but not all) of these definitions include being detached, low-rise (single, or one-and-a-half storey/story), and the use of verandahs. ...
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  5. A small house or cottage usually having a single story; A thatched or tiled one-story house in India surrounded by a wide verandah
  6. (Bungalowed) rendered, arseholed, steaming, legless
  7. A one-story, home-style dating from the early twentieth century. Often characterized by a low-pitched roof.
  8. A small, one-storey home built in a turn of the century style, often with a prominent front verandah.
  9. Bungalow-style homes with their open floor plans, built-ins and fireplaces were low, functional, spreading house. (See American Foursquare)
  10. the term is often used to describe a single- or 1½-story Arts & Crafts "Craftsman" or "Prairie" style house built between 1890 and 1930 featuring casement window s, gabled and shingled roofs with wide overhangs, large porches, wood floors
  11. Traditionally a house with all the rooms on the ground floor (no stairs). Occasionally an extra room has been created in the attic and stairs put into the bungalow to access this room (often called a 'loft-conversion'.
  12. small house or cottage usually with a small front porch popularized in Southern California
  13. India Country house. From 'Bungla' meaning country.
  14. A property constructed with one storey only. A room in a roof is not to be classed as a storey.
  15. The name used in Bengal, for a species of country-house, erected by Europeans.
  16. A generic name for a number of dwelling unit types including cottages and small atrium houses that are intended to meet affordable housing needs. All such dwelling units are one bedroom dwelling units.
  17. A long, low rectangular house of one storey. The first bungalows in the UK were built in seaside towns. They were popular in hotter zones of the British Empire from the early 19th century to the 1930s.
  18. Originally a specific style of early twentieth-century house related to the traditional bangala of India now used to describe any single-storey dwelling.
  19. a usually one-storied house with a low-pitched roof, from the Hindi banglA, in the Bengal style.
  20. n. 1. Ranch style house. All rooms are on one level.
  21. In Thailand, a bungalow can mean a property that is not connected to another property and not necessarily only on one level. A bungalow can also mean a small one-room house.
  22. It comes from the Hindi word bangla which means "one-story house". It went through a series of transitions through the English-speaking cultures as bangla, bungale, bungalo and then bungalow.
  23. a type of house which has no upper floors. If there are upper rooms they are contained within the roof and lighted by dormer windows or skylights.
  24. A property which is built all on one level and therefore has no upstairs. This definition could also apply to a flat but would exclude a chalet bungalow.
  25. This is a one level house (ground floor only ) on its own compound or with. All the rooms are usually on ground floor. The compound is usually large e.g. ½ acre or more.