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bulletins, plural;
  1. A short official statement or broadcast summary of news

  2. A regular newsletter or printed report issued by an organization or society

  1. a brief report (especially an official statement issued for immediate publication or broadcast)
  2. make public by bulletin
  3. The Journal of the American Musicological Society (or JAMS) is the official journal of the American Musicological Society. It is published by University of California Press in Berkeley, California. ...
  4. The National Gallery of Canada (Musée des beaux arts du Canada), located in the capital city Ottawa, Ontario, is one of Canada's premier art galleries.
  5. The Bulletin was an Australian weekly magazine that was published in Sydney from 1880 until January 2008. It was influential in Australian culture and politics from about 1890 until World War I, the period when it was identified with the "Bulletin school" of Australian literature. ...
  6. The Montgomery County Bulletin or simply The Bulletin is a now defunct free alternative weekly newspaper distributed in Montgomery County, Texas and published by Mike Ladyman who had bought the paper in 1998. ...
  7. The Bulletin is the daily newspaper of Bend, Oregon, United States. The Bulletin is owned by Western Communications, Inc., a family-owned corporation founded by editor Robert W. Chandler. WesCom owns nine publications in Oregon and California.
  8. The Bulletin is an English-language weekly magazine published in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 1962, it is the oldest weekly magazine in Belgium and one of the oldest English-languages publications in Continental Europe. ...
  9. (Bulletins) A large permanent advertising structure. Common sizes are 20’ x 60’, 14’ x 48’ and 10’6” x 36’.
  10. (Bulletins) Communication from ASDA House to stores
  11. (Bulletins) These are individual news stories ready for broadcast - often with accompanying footage sent in by a Reporter.
  12. Bulletins measure 14 x 48 feet. Copy is reproduced by painting directly on the surface, posting paper and computer printing.
  13. One of the most important communication devices for a swim club. Bulletin boards are usually in the entrance Board  ways of pools and have timely information posted for swimmers and parents to read.
  14. (a k a Ward Bulletin or Sacrament Meeting Program) The printed listing of planned prayers, talks and other sacrament meeting elements passed out at the beginning of each Sacrament Meeting in most LDS congregations.
  15. A quarterly publication by the Reserve Bank of Australia which contains feature articles and speeches.
  16. Co-Chairs (Editors): Teresa MacGregor, Diane Silver   Would you like to join this group?  We need writers!
  17. A booklet produced by each of IUB's schools. Bulletins include admission and degree requirements, course descriptions, faculty information, departmental policies, etc. "Bulletin" is also another name for the Enrollment and Student Academic Information booklet produced for each semester.
  18. Provides the title and actions taken on every bill introduced in either house of the General Assembly.
  19. A public release from a weather office issued in the event of the occurrence or forecast occurrence of severe weather. Bulletins emphasize features which are significant for the safety of the public and summarize all warnings in effect.
  20. An APRS message that is repeated several times an hour, for a small number of hours. A General Bulletin is addressed to no-one in particular. A Group Bulletin is addressed to a named group (e.g. WX).
  21. A organised collection of news stories broadcast on radio or television at a regular time. Can also include elements such as sports reports, stock market information, weather reports etc. In US, more commonly called a newscast.
  22. (in  The Bulletin (American newspaper))
  23. boards were the early vehicles for online collaboration, where users connected with a central computer to post and read email-like messages. They were the electronic equivalent of public notice boards. The term is still used for forums.
  24. A communication to distribute information among different segments of an industry.
  25. official publication, as a Daily Bulletin (DB) or subscription bulletin; see JOURNAL. Also, the posting or announcement of factual or official information; see FYI, HEADS-UP, POOP, DOPE, GOUGE, THE WORD, SKINNY, GREEN GREASE, HOT-SHIT, BOATSWAIN'S PIPE, BUGLE CALL, TANNOY, SCUTTLEBUTT, RUMOR.