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bubbles, plural;
  1. (of a liquid) Contain bubbles of air or gas rising to the surface
    • - a pot of soup bubbled away on the stove
  2. Make a sound resembling this
    • - a bubbling fountain
  3. (of a person) Be exuberantly filled with an irrepressible positive feeling
    • - Ellen was bubbling with such enthusiasm
  4. (esp. of a negative feeling) Become more intense and approach the point of being vehemently expressed
    • - the fury bubbling up inside her
  1. A thin sphere of liquid enclosing air or another gas

  2. An air- or gas-filled spherical cavity in a liquid or a solidified liquid such as glass or amber

  3. A state or feeling that is unstable and unlikely to last
    • - many companies enjoyed rapid expansion before the bubble burst
    • - he said the plan was a bubble
  4. A brief, sudden, upward change from a general trend
    • - the slide in soybean prices confirmed that Wednesday's rally was just a bubble
  5. A marine mollusk that typically has a thin scroll-like shell

  6. A transparent domed cover or enclosure
    • - piglets born into a sterile bubble
  7. A place or position of isolated safety
    • - they are not on tour packages seeing foreign ports from a bubble

  1. a hollow globule of gas (e.g., air or carbon dioxide)
  2. form, produce, or emit bubbles; "The soup was bubbling"
  3. house of cards: a speculative scheme that depends on unstable factors that the planner cannot control; "his proposal was nothing but a house of cards"; "a real estate bubble"
  4. ripple: flow in an irregular current with a bubbling noise; "babbling brooks"
  5. rise in bubbles or as if in bubbles; "bubble to the surface"
  6. an impracticable and illusory idea; "he didn't want to burst the newcomer's bubble"
  7. Hi-Risers are a type of highly customized automobile, typically an inexpensive American-built sedan modified by significantly increasing the ground clearance and adding large-diameter wheels with low-profile tires. ...
  8. Sharon "Share" Pedersen (now Ross) (born: Sharon June Howe, March 21, 1963 in Glencoe, Minnesota) is a former bass player of the female hard rock band, Vixen.
  9. In computing, a bubble is a "hiccup" in execution of an instruction in an instruction pipeline.
  10. An economic bubble (sometimes referred to as a speculative bubble, a market bubble, a price bubble, a financial bubble, a speculative mania or a balloon) is “trade in high volumes at prices that are considerably at variance with intrinsic values”. ...
  11. Bubble is a movie directed by Steven Soderbergh. It was shot on high-definition video and was made for a relatively small budget of $1.6 million. It also featured some unusual production aspects.
  12. "Bubble" is the ninth single by the English electronic music band Fluke and was their only single released in 1994.
  13. A spherically contained volume of air, especially one made from soapy liquid; A small spherical cavity in a solid material; Anything resembling a hollow sphere; Someone who has been ‘bubbled’ or fooled; a dupe; a feverish upwelling; a feverish surge of speculation in a financial market, ...
  14. (bubbly) Champagne; Full of bubbles; Cheerful, lively
  15. (Bubbled) Eliminating a player from a tournament in the last positions that do not receive financial prizes.
  16. (Bubbled) When a player finds himself out of the game without winning any money.
  17. (Bubbles) In laminated glass, a gas pocket in the interlayer material or between the glass & the interlayer.  In float glass, a gaseous inclusion greater than 1/32" in diameter.
  18. Air bubbles in a drying paint film caused by excessive brushing during application or by over vigorous mixing that results in air trapment.
  19. (Bubbles) Gases in the molten glass while melting in the “pit” get trapped.  The hotter the molten glass along with the purity of the quality of the glass can greatly diminish this problem.  While gathering the molten glass those bubbles will be transmitted to the actual art piece itself. ...
  20. Bubbles are spherical or tear-shaped bubbles of gas captured in glass stones. Bubbles can also be found in resins (like plastics and amber), and much less-frequently in minerals (like quartz, emerald, and topaz). Looking for bubbles is one way to determine if a gem is glass or a gemstone.
  21. (BUBBLES) Gases suspended in solution.
  22. (Bubbles) 1) Raised metal surface blemishes caused by air trapped in investment and adhering to the wax pattern due to vacuum malfunction or investment setting during vacuuming. 2) Air inclusion beneath the surface of wax pattern.
  23. (Bubbles) Air pockets that have formed in the material of the component. Bubbles may vary in size.
  24. (Bubbles) Air-filled spheres made of thin films of solutions. Water alone will not make stable bubbles. However, the addition of soap decreases the surface tension of water, and boosts its ability to form stable bubbles. ...
  25. (Bubbles) One of the five members of the Jones family found in the story Friends of the Forest, named by the beavers for the fun she was having splashing her feet in the water. Used as a Leader name in the Beaver program.