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brothels, plural;
  1. A house where men can visit prostitutes

  1. whorehouse: a building where prostitutes are available
  2. A brothel, also known as a bordello, cathouse, whorehouse, sporting house, gentleman's club and various other names, is an establishment specifically dedicated to prostitution, providing the prostitutes a place to meet and to have sexual intercourse with clients.
  3. The Brothel is a 2008 film written and directed by Amy Waddell. The film stars Serena Scott Thomas, Brett Cullen, Timothy V. Murphy, and Bruce Payne. The movie was filmed in Jerome and Clarkdale, Arizona.
  4. A house of prostitution
  5. To dream of being in a brothel, denotes you will encounter disgrace through your material indulgence.
  6. any disreputable or messy room or place.
  7. besides the obvious it is also a term for an untidy or dirty house or place
  8. Plaut. Ps. 1.2.79; Prop. 4, 5, 70.º