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  1. luster: a quality that outshines the usual
  2. a shining quality; brilliance; An act of being brilliant
  3. a combinative sequence which is understandable to anyone once the solution is revealed.
  4. An ingenious move which floors your opponent and dazzles the spectators e.g. QUETZALS linking two Triple Word Squares for 374
  5. Refers to a game that was extremely well played, usually involving a surprising combination, sacrifice, or example of exceptional technical expertise.
  6. A game that contains a very deep strategic concept, a beautiful combination or an original plan.
  7. n. The brightness of an object, as seen by an observer. See also magnitude.
  8. A spectacular and beautiful game of chess, generally featuring sacrificial attacks and unexpected moves. Brilliancies are not always required to feature sound play or the best moves by either side.
  9. The total amount of white light returned to the viewer by a gem. This includes internal and external reflections.
  10. A really good game or combination that includes a piece sacrifice to win.
  11. A term applied to negatives to denote that the lights and shadows are harmonious, and there being no fog; the resulting prints are in equal way perfect in their power of rendering light and shade, distance and effect.