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bred, past tense; breeds, 3rd person singular present; bred, past participle; breeding, present participle;
  1. Cause (an animal) to produce offspring, typically in a controlled and organized way
    • - bitches may not be bred from more than once a year
  2. (of animals) Mate and then produce offspring
    • - toads are said to return to the pond of their birth to breed
    • - the breeding season
  3. Develop (a kind of animal or plant) for a particular purpose or quality
    • - these horses are bred for this sport
  4. Raise (livestock or animals)
    • - they live on an island, where they breed Hanoverian horses
  5. Rear and train (someone) to behave in a particular way or have certain qualities
    • - Theresa had been beautifully bred
  6. Cause (something) to happen or occur, typically over a period of time
    • - success breeds confidence
  7. Create (fissile material) by nuclear reaction

  1. A stock of animals or plants within a species having a distinctive appearance and typically having been developed by deliberate selection

  2. A sort or kind of person or thing
    • - a new breed of entrepreneurs was brought into being

  1. a special variety of domesticated animals within a species; "he experimented on a particular breed of white rats"; "he created a new strain of sheep"
  2. engender: call forth
  3. a special type; "Google represents a new breed of entrepreneurs"
  4. copulate with a female, used especially of horses; "The horse covers the mare"
  5. cause to procreate (animals); "She breeds dogs"
  6. have young (animals) or reproduce (organisms); "pandas rarely breed in captivity"; "These bacteria reproduce"
  7. A breed is a group of domestic animals or plants with a appearance, behavior, and other characteristics that distinguish it from other animals of the same species. ...
  8. Breed is the title of two limited series of comic books, each six issues in length, written and drawn by Jim Starlin and published by Malibu Comics under its Bravura imprint.
  9. Nevermind is the second studio album by the American rock band Nirvana, released on September 24, 1991. Produced by Butch Vig, Nevermind was the group's first release on DGC Records. ...
  10. Breed is a squad based, science-fiction video game developed by Brat Designs and published by cdv Software Entertainment. The game was released in the U.S. and Europe in March and April 2004 for the PC and Mac.
  11. The Breed is a 2001 horror film with an estimated budget of 4 million dollars.
  12. The Breed, in film, may refer to: * The Breed (2001 film), a vampire horror film directed by Michael Oblowitz * The Breed (2006 film), a killer dog horror film directed by Nicholas Mastandrea
  13. All animals or plants of the same species or subspecies eg. a breed of tulip, a breed of animal; A race or lineage; To sexually produce offspring; Of animals, to mate; To keep animals and have them reproduce in a way that improves the next generation’s qualities; To arrange the mating of ...
  14. (breeding) The process through which propagation, growth or development occurs; The act of insemination by natural or artificial means; The act of copulation in animals; Ejaculation inside the rectum during bareback anal sex, usually applied to gay pornography; Of, relating to or used for breeding
  15. (Breeder) Owner of a mare or stallion who actively seeks to breed from their horses.
  16. (Breeder) The individual who is the owner or lessee of his or her dam at the time of whelping.
  17. (Breeder) Reactor that produces more fissile material than it uses.
  18. (Breeder) Owner of a pregnant mare at the time she delivers the foal (baby horse of either sex).
  19. A breeder of a particular dog is the person who owned the dam (mother) at the time she was bred to produce that dog.
  20. (Breeder (of Record)) Owner of a mare, and hence the foal, at time of foaling, unless the dam was under a lease or foal-sharing agreement at the time of foaling.
  21. (Breeder) A particularly prime pig of excellent qualities that is selected as breeding stock. See boars and gilts. We select about 5% of females and about 0.5% of males as potential breeders to be tested with their first breeding. The best of these continue on the farm to join the breeding herd.
  22. (Breeder) Fusion reactor in which further fuel (tritium) is bred from lithium Blanket surrounding the fusion chamber.
  23. (Breeder) This is the rider who is transporting more than one small human. This person is dedicated to raising a family and is not going to let breeding stand in the way of an established bike lifestyle. ...
  24. (Breeder) n. Ork slang for a "normal" human.
  25. (breeder) (one who reproduces without giving any thought as to how he or she will take care of a child for the next 18 years, who does little to nurture or discipline that offspring during its most formative years, who exhibits a remarkable lack of responsibility when it comes to child-rearing, ...