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boulevards, plural;
  1. A wide street in a town or city, typically one lined with trees
    • - Sunset Boulevard

  1. avenue: a wide street or thoroughfare
  2. Boulevard (French, from Bolwerk - bolwark, meaning bastion) has several generally accepted meanings. It was first introduced in the French language in 1435 as boloard and has since been altered into boulevard.
  3. Boulevard is a French film directed by Julien Duvivier, released in 1960, and set in the Quartier Pigalle.
  4. Boulevard is a 1994 crime thriller film starring Rae Dawn Chong and Lou Diamond Phillips.
  5. Boulevard is an album by French DJ Ludovic Navarre, released under the stage name St. Germain. It was originally released in the UK on July 28th 1995, but was later released in the USA March 26th 2002. The album is more dance music-oriented and relaxing compared to his 2000 hit album Tourist.
  6. Boulevard is a street in Atlanta, Georgia. The street runs east of, and parallel to, Atlanta's Downtown Connector. It is bordered by Ponce de Leon Avenue to the north (past which it continues as Monroe Drive), and McDonough Boulevard to the south. ...
  7. Boulevard was a Canadian band (originally called BLVD) formed in the mid-1980s by Mark Holden (saxophone/vocals) and Randy Gould (guitar). The band broke up in 1991.
  8. Boulevard Brewing Company is an independent regional craft brewery located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Brewers Association currently ranks Boulevard as the 8th largest craft brewery, and the 16th largest active brewery in the United States. ...
  9. Boulevard magazine, published by St. Louis University, is an American literary magazine that publishes award-winning prose and poetry. Now in its 25th year, Boulevard has been called "one of the half-dozen best literary journals" by Poet Laureate Daniel Hoffman in The Philadelphia Inquirer.
  10. Boulevard was a 1976 album by Canadian singer-songwriter Murray McLauchlan.
  11. Boulevard (usually referred to as "the Boulevard" although the street name does not include adefinite article) is a historic street in the near West End of Richmond, Virginia, providing access to Byrd Park. ...
  12. Hold Out is the sixth album by American singer/songwriter Jackson Browne, released in 1980 (see 1980 in music). Although critically the album has not been as well received as other Browne recordings, it remains his only album to date to reach #1 in the Billboard charts.
  13. The Boulevard was a multi-purpose stadium in Hull, England. The venue was saved from demolition and reopened on 25 October 2007 as the home of greyhound racing in the city. It can also be used as a community stadium hosting amateur rugby league matches. ...
  14. Boulevards is a network of city guides on the Internet established in 1994 by Boulevards New Media Inc., an early digital media pioneer. It preceded other city guide networks such as Citysearch and Microsoft's now-defunct Sidewalk. ...
  15. A broad, well-paved and landscaped thoroughfare
  16. A street lined with trees or constructed with a landscaped median.
  17. a broad street with rows of trees planted along it
  18. A wide street with a landscaped center island running the length of the street. Boulevards are usually found in urbanized areas.
  19. A multiple lane, divided roadway that carries significant through traffic and local traffic and is often classified as a highway or arterial. Driveway access to individual businesses is limited. Sidewalks are wide to accommodate significant pedestrian activity. ...
  20. Trucker slang for interstate highway as in "Once we hit the boulevard we can put some miles behind us."
  21. The SMU Boulevard is where tailgating takes place before every football game.
  22. A main road or thoroughfare (usually including sidewalks), that is lined with buildings.
  23. A multilane route through a developed area, providing direct access to commercial properties.
  24. The portion of the right-of-way that is designated for pedestrian use.
  25. a pleasant thoroughfare lined with growing trees