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booms, plural;
  1. Enjoy a period of great prosperity or rapid economic growth
    • - business is booming
    • - the popularity of soy-based foods has boomed in the last two decades
  1. A long pole or rod, in particular

  2. A spar pivoting on the after side of the mast and to which the foot of a vessel's sail is attached, allowing the angle of the sail to be changed

  3. A movable arm over a television or movie set, carrying a microphone or camera
    • - a boom mike
  4. A long beam extending upward at an angle from the mast of a derrick, for guiding or supporting objects being moved or suspended

  5. A floating beam used to contain oil spills or to form a barrier across the mouth of a harbor or river

  6. A retractable tube for inflight transfer of fuel from a tanker airplane to another airplane

  1. a deep prolonged loud noise
  2. make a resonant sound, like artillery; "His deep voice boomed through the hall"
  3. a state of economic prosperity
  4. smash: hit hard; "He smashed a 3-run homer"
  5. a sudden happening that brings good fortune (as a sudden opportunity to make money); "the demand for testing has created a boom for those unregulated laboratories where boxes of specimen jars are processed like an assembly line"
  6. thunder: be the case that thunder is being heard; "Whenever it thunders, my dog crawls under the bed"
  7. Boom (Hindi: बूम, Urdu: بُوم) is a Bollywood film that was released on 19 September 2003. It stars Amitabh Bachchan, Jackie Shroff, Gulshan Grover, Padma Lakshmi, Madhu Sapre, Katrina Kaif and Zeenat Aman. The film was a box office disaster and was panned by the critics. . ...
  8. Anjulie is a Canadian singer/songwriter from Oakville, Ontario Canada, a suburb outside of Toronto. She was born and raised in Canada, and her parents are from Guyana of Indian descent. She is the youngest of four children. ...
  9. A containment boom is a "temporary floating barrier used to contain an oil spill. Booms are used to reduce the possibility of polluting shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier. ...
  10. The term boom and bust refers to a great buildup in the price of a particular commodity or, alternately, the localized rise in an economy, often based upon the value of a single commodity, followed by a downturn as the commodity price falls due to a change in economic circumstances or the ...
  11. Flight of the Conchords is the debut full-length studio recorded album by New Zealand folk parody duo Flight of the Conchords, released April 21, 2008 by Sub Pop. ...
  12. "Boom" is an R&B single by Mario featuring Juvenile. It is the fourth and final single from his second studio album Turning Point. The single was released in October 3, 2005. The song it was produced by Lil Jon and written by Lamarquis Jefferson, Lil Jon, Johnta Austin, Craig Love and Juvenile. ...
  13. A low-pitched, resonant sound, such as of an explosion; To make a loud, resonant sound; (figuratively, of speech) To exclaim with force, to shout, to thunder; To make something boom; used to suggest the sound of an explosion
  14. (Booming) Loud, raucous partying (“we were booming last night”); or, fast, exciting flying (“we went booming through the mountains”).
  15. (Booming) When crops were “booming,” economic activity for the migrant worker (boomer) increased. See Boomer.
  16. ("Booms") Nickname for Conor Galaska. I have no idea why.
  17. (BOOMS) Bored out of my skull
  18. (Booms) (noun, pl.) Plastic or cloth flotation devices, linked together in a chain, designed to stop surface oil slicks from washing inland. One of the methods local communities are using to prevent oil coming to shore. ...
  19. (Booms) Masts or yards, lying on board in reserve.
  20. A truck used to hoist heavy material up and into place, to put trusses on a home or to set a heavy beam into place.
  21. the situation is used to display the error predicted the bull market, the market is about to change the trend term
  22. A telescoping arm for a camera or microphone which might be available in a variety of sizes from the very small handheld types to the very large, which might be transported as an integral part of a motor vehicle. (Production)
  23. A pole running at a right angle from the mast.
  24. adjustable metal arm, attached to a firm stand, on which lighting can be mounted. Some booms are also made to support cameras.
  25. A pole securing the bottom of a sail, allowing more control of the position of a sail.