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bonuses, plural;
  1. A payment or gift added to what is usual or expected, in particular

  2. An amount of money added to wages on a seasonal basis, esp. as a reward for good performance
    • - big Christmas bonuses
  3. Something welcome and often unexpected that accompanies and enhances something that is itself good
    • - good weather is an added bonus but the real appeal is the landscape
  4. An extra free throw awarded to a fouled player when the opposing team has exceeded the number of team fouls allowed during a period

  5. An extra dividend or issue paid to the shareholders of a company

  6. A distribution of profits to holders of an insurance policy

  1. anything that tends to arouse; "his approval was an added fillip"
  2. an additional payment (or other remuneration) to employees as a means of increasing output
  3. Bónus is an Icelandic no-frills supermarket chain of Hagar. Bónus operates 24 stores in Iceland and four in the Faroe Islands. It follows the no-frills format of limited hours, simple shelves and having a giant fridge instead of chiller cabinets.
  4. In the sport of basketball, the bonus situation (also called the penalty situation) is a situation where one team accumulates a certain amount of fouls, which varies depending on the level of play. When the number of fouls has been reached, the bonus begins. ...
  5. Bonus (Βῶνος or Βόνος, died 627) was a Byzantine statesman and general, one of the closest associates of Emperor Heraclius (r. 610–641), who played a leading role in the successful defense of the imperial capital Constantinople during the Avar–Persian siege of 626.
  6. Something extra that is good; An extra sum given as a premium, e.g. to an employee; To pay a bonus, premium
  7. (Bonuses) A reimbursement system used by some plans to give providers an incentive to be cost-efficient and reduce unnecessary services. Some plans may also pay bonuses based on the results of member satisfaction surveys or other quality of care measures.
  8. (Bonuses) A one-time payment made upon the finalization of a contract, the launch of activities on a project, or the achievement of certain goals laid out in the law or contracts.  Sizes vary, ranging from tens of thousands to even hundreds of millions of dollars for a few large petroleum projects.
  9. (Bonuses) An extra reward paid by employers to employees either at a certain time of the year such as at Christmas, or in recognition of a good performance. The bonuses can be anything from cash to a holiday or a valuable asset.
  10. A monetary incentive given by the company to the mineral owner for executing or ratifying an oil, gas and or mineral lease.
  11. A monetary incentive placed on a specific milestone within a contract for the expressed purpose of completing that element within the prescribed time.
  12. Added to with profit policies. The amount is determined by life company's actuary and represents a distribution to with profit policyholders of investment return achieved by fund. Payment of bonus is not guaranteed. Reversionary bonuses, normally declared annually, cannot be removed once added. ...
  13. Bonuses are not always given in cash-designers may give clothes as bonuses if they can't pay the models' full day rates for a runway show. And no matter what form the bonus takes, the agency takes 20% of the value of the bonus. ...
  14. A lump sum payment received by an employee, in addition to their base pay, as a result of the employee, team or organization achieving pre-set targets.
  15. A fee or commission paid to a mortgage broker for finding a mortgage loan for a prospective borrower.
  16. A team is "in the bonus" when it accumulates seven or more team fouls in a half, giving the other team a free throw on each subsequent foul. Also called being "over the limit."
  17. is a special feature of the particular game theme, which is activated when certain symbols appear in a winning combination. Bonuses vary depending upon the game. ...
  18. An extra reduction in your debt of 10% of the value of voluntary repayments of $500 or more in payment of your HELP debt to the Tax Office.
  19. An added benefit. A sum paid to an employee over and above his/her regular pay.
  20. The amount an executive can earn for outstanding performance (in addition to at-risk pay). The bonus is limited to a specific amount by executive level - up to 3% for EX-1 to EX-3s and up to 5% for EX-4s and EX-5s.
  21. Usually an extra payment made in recognition of the contribution a worker has made to the company.
  22. If you’ve decided it’s just too much and it’s time to give up Angry Birds, Mike Tyson can help you quit.
  23. something offered as a reward to a prospective customer for sending an order.
  24. a payment in addition to normal pay. Often related to performance and typically paid as a one-off lump sum that is not consolidated into normal pay and is not pensionable. Often paid at management discretion and can vary from year to year.
  25. In sales compensation, a type of incentive payment typically awarded when the salesperson or sales team achieves pre-determined financial objectives.