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blitzes, plural;
  1. Attack or damage (a place or building) in a blitz
    • - news came that Rotterdam had been blitzed
    • - organizations blitzed Capitol Hill with mailgrams and postcards
  2. Attack (the passer) in a blitz

  1. An intensive or sudden military attack

  2. A sudden, energetic, and concerted effort, typically on a specific task
    • - a major press blitz
  3. A charge of the passer by the defensive linebackers just after the ball is snapped

  4. The German air raids on Britain in 1940

  5. A form of chess in which moves must be made at very short intervals

  1. attack suddenly and without warning; "Hitler blitzed Poland"
  2. safety blitz: (American football) defensive players try to break through the offensive line
  3. a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment
  4. Blitz! is a musical by Lionel Bart. The play, described by Steven Suskin as "massive", was set in the East End of London during the Blitz (the aerial bombings during World War II). ...
  5. Blitz++ is a high-performance vector mathematics library written in C++. This library is intended for use in scientific applications that might otherwise be implemented with Fortran or MATLAB.
  6. Blitz is industrial rock group KMFDM's sixteenth studio album. It was released on March 24, 2009, on the band's record label KMFDM Records and Metropolis Records. It also marks the first use of five letter song titles and a five letter album title since WWIII. ...
  7. In American football or Canadian football, a blitz or red dog is a team defensive maneuver in which one or more linebackers or defensive backs, who normally remain on the defensive team's side of the line of scrimmage during a play, are instead sent across the line to the offensive side to try ...
  8. Blitz was a street punk band from New Mills, Derbyshire, England. They had success in the United Kingdom indie charts in the early 1980s. ...
  9. Blitz is a Brazilian rock band. The band was the first to achieve mainstream success and to have hit singles (Você não soube me amar, A dois passos do paraíso, Ana Maria (biquíni de bolinha amarelinha tão pequenininho)) kick-starting the 1980s movement that would later be called "BRock" . ...
  10. The series of air raids launched on various cities in Britain (not just London) by the German airforce in 1940-1. They were also known as the Baedeker Raids
  11. A sudden attack, especially an air raid; usually with reference to The Blitz; A sudden effort, as a publicity blitz; action of a defensive football player who rushes the passer of the football; Blitz chess, a form of chess with a short time limit for moves; A swift and overwhelming attack; To ...
  12. a play where the defensive team sends players rushing towards the line of scrimmage as soon as the ball is snapped to try to sack the quarterback.
  13. a an extreme form of rapid transit chess, where the players move faster than they can think -- thus ensuing the game a rare profundity.
  14. (voiced by Jeff Bennett) from Road Rovers
  15. A defensive maneuver which is used to put pressure on the quarterback. Blitzes are utilized by linebackers or secondary players in an effort to sack the quarterback.
  16. German air raids, from a German word 'blitzkrieg' which means 'lightning war'.
  17. strategy where you try to hit blots on your home board
  18. EBI's ultra-fast protein database search which uses the MPsearch algorithm.
  19. chess games with extremely fast time limits, usually five minutes per player
  20. the intensive aerial bombing campaign by Nazi Germany against British cities during WWII, often expressed as "The Blitz", and also called the Battle of Britain; as derived from "lightning". ...
  21. E-mail; can be used as any part of speech.
  22. (Speed chess): A 3 or 5-minute chess game.
  23. An offensive game strategy in Backgammon. Also known as attack play.
  24. A widely misused term. In it's proper context, blitz describes many anglers taking many fish on many different lures over a wide area. Sadly, it's now used to describe a couple guys witnessing a school of bait being pursued by a couple fish. ...
  25. Another name for "Speed Chess". Games that are played very quickly; typically with 15 minutes or less on each person's clock.