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binds, 3rd person singular present; bound, past tense; bound, past participle; binding, present participle;
  1. Tie or fasten (something) tightly
    • - floating bundles of logs bound together with ropes
    • - the magician bound her wrists with a silk scarf
  2. Restrain (someone) by the tying up of hands and feet
    • - the raider then bound and gagged Mr. Glenn
  3. Wrap (something) tightly
    • - her hair was bound up in a towel
  4. Bandage (a wound)
    • - he cleaned the wound and bound it up with a clean dressing
    • - she had bound his wounds with a poultice of herbs
  5. (of an object) Be encircled by something, typically metal bands, in order to strengthen it
    • - an ancient oak chest, bound with brass braces
  6. (of a rule or set of grammatical conditions) Determine the relationship between (coreferential noun phrases)

  7. Cause (people) to feel that they belong together or form a cohesive group
    • - the comradeship that had bound such a disparate bunch of young men together
  8. Cause someone to feel strongly attached to (a person or place)
    • - loosened the ties that had bound him to the university
  9. Cohere or cause to cohere in a single mass
    • - with the protection of trees to bind soil and act as a windbreak
    • - clay is made up chiefly of tiny soil particles that bind together tightly
  10. Cause (ingredients) to cohere by adding another ingredient
    • - mix the flour with the coconut and enough egg white to bind them
  11. Cause (painting pigments) to form a smooth medium by mixing them with oil
    • - use a white that is bound in linseed oil
  12. Hold by chemical bonding
    • - a protein in a form that can bind DNA
  13. Combine with (a substance) through chemical bonding
    • - these proteins have been reported to bind to calmodulin
  14. Impose a legal or contractual obligation on
    • - a party who signs a document will normally be bound by its terms
  15. Indenture (someone) as an apprentice
    • - he was bound apprentice at the age of sixteen
  16. Make a contractual or enforceable undertaking
    • - the government cannot bind itself as to the form of subsequent legislation
  17. Secure (a contract), typically with a sum of money

  18. Be hampered or constrained by
    • - Sarah did not want to be bound by a rigid timetable
  19. Fix together and enclose (the pages of a book) in a cover
    • - a small, fat volume, bound in red morocco
  20. Trim (the edge of a piece of material) with a decorative strip
    • - a ruffle with the edges bound in a contrasting color
  21. (of a quantifier) Be applied to (a given variable) so that the variable falls within its scope

  1. A problematical situation
    • - he is in a political bind over the welfare issue
  2. A statutory constraint
    • - the moral bind of the law

  1. adhere: stick to firmly; "Will this wallpaper adhere to the wall?"
  2. something that hinders as if with bonds
  3. create social or emotional ties; "The grandparents want to bond with the child"
  4. make fast; tie or secure, with or as if with a rope; "The Chinese would bind the feet of their women"
  5. wrap around with something so as to cover or enclose
  6. tie down: secure with or as if with ropes; "tie down the prisoners"; "tie up the old newspapers and bring them to the recycling shed"
  7. BIND , or named , was the most commonly used Domain Name System (DNS) server on the Internet, and still proclaims itself to be so. On Unix-like operating systems it is the de facto standard.
  8. This page explains commonly used terms in chess in alphabetical order. Some of these have their own pages, like fork and pin. ...
  9. In functional programming, a monad is a kind of abstract data type constructor used to represent computations (instead of data in the domain model). ...
  10. The Bind are scheduled caste, found in North India. They are also known as Chatai Bin or Chai.
  11. (Binding (computer science)) In computer science, binding is the creation of a simple reference to something that is larger and more complicated and used frequently. The simple reference can be used instead of having to repeat the larger thing. A binding is such a reference.
  12. (Binding (knitting)) In knitting, a gather is a generic term for several methods that draw stitches closer together laterally, i.e., within a row of knitting. ...
  13. That which binds or ties; A troublesome situation; a problem; a predicament or quandary; Any twining or climbing plant or stem, especially a hop vine; a bine; A ligature or tie for grouping notes; To connect; To couple; To put together in a cover, as of books; to associate an identifier with a ...
  14. (binding) An item (usually rope, tape, or string) used to hold two or more things together; The spine of a book where the pages are held together; A finishing on a seam or hem of a garment; The association of a named item with an element of a program; Assigning something that one will be held to
  15. (Binding) A protective and decorative strip made of wood or plastic that is placed along the outer most edges of the top, back, neck, fingerboard and some times headstock.  This is a cap used to seal and protect joints. ...
  16. (Binding) fastening papers together for easy reading, transport, and pro- textion. Papers may be bound together with a variety of materi- als, like wire, thread, glue, and plastic combs. types of binding see also finishing, folding, imposition, scoring, signature.
  17. (Binding) strip of fabric added to outermost edge, wrapped around to back and stitched down.  Finishes the quilt by providing a final edge which holds together the top, batting and back.
  18. (Binding) Having legal force in UN member states. Security Council resolutions are binding, as are decisions of the International Court of Justice; resolutions of the General Assembly and Economic and Social Council are not.
  19. (Binding) The process of flattening one’s breast tissue in order to create a male-appearing chest.
  20. (Binding) The fastening of the assembled sheets or signatures along one edge of a publication.
  21. (Binding) A band or strip sewn over a carpet edge to protect, strengthen or decorate the edge.
  22. (Binding) the various methods used to secure loose leaves or sections in a book; e.g. saddle-stitch (also called stapling), perfect bound.
  23. (Binding) Also called edging or piping, this is the decorative trim detailing on the fold-down portion of a flat sheet or pillowcase or sham. Usually contrasts the bed linen so detailing stands out. A nice extra touch to feed your senses.
  24. (Binding) Excess drag when the closure is applied to the bottle. Binding is usually the result of interference.
  25. (Binding) The process of making the logical connections to the network (also called connecting). This involves connecting network variable outputs to network variable inputs using LonWorks software.