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At or to the further side of,
  1. At or to the further side of
    • - he pointed to a spot beyond the trees
    • - passengers traveling to destinations beyond Boston
    • - there was the terminal and, beyond, an endless line of warehouses
  2. Outside the physical limits or range of
    • - the land sloped away until far beyond sight it reached the Great Plains
  3. More extensive or extreme than; further-reaching than
    • - what these children go through is far beyond what most adults endure in a lifetime
    • - pushing the laws to their limits and beyond
  4. Happening or continuing after (a specified time or event)
    • - we can manage another two years, but beyond that the system is not viable
    • - music going on into the night and beyond
  5. Having progressed or achieved more than (a specified stage or level)
    • - we need to get beyond square one
  6. Above or greater than (a specified amount)
    • - the absenteeism had gone beyond 15%
    • - he could count up to a billion now, and beyond
  7. To a degree or condition where a specified action is impossible
    • - the landscape has changed beyond recognition
  8. Too much for (someone) to achieve or understand
    • - I did something that I thought was beyond me
  9. Apart from; except
    • - beyond telling us that she was well educated, he has nothing to say about her
    • - there was little vegetation beyond scrub and brush
  1. The unknown after death
    • - messages from the beyond

  1. farther along in space or time or degree; "through the valley and beyond"; "to the eighth grade but not beyond"; "will be influential in the 1990s and beyond"
  2. on the farther side from the observer; "a pond with a hayfield beyond"
  3. in addition; "agreed to provide essentials but nothing beyond"
  4. Beyond! was a six-issue comic book limited series published by Marvel Comics. It was written by Dwayne McDuffie and illustrated by Scott Kolins. The first issue of the series was released on July 6, 2006 and the final issue on December 6, 2006. ...
  5. Beyond, in comics, may refer to: * Beyond!, a 2006 limited series from Marvel Comics * Beyond (Virgin Comics), a 2008 series from Virgin Comics * Beyond the Beyond (manga), a manga series
  6. Beyond is the eighth studio album by the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. It is their first LP in a decade, and the first album by the original lineup since 1988's Bug. The band planned a full world tour in 2007 to support the album. ...
  7. Beyond is a 2010 Swedish drama film directed by Pernilla August, starring Noomi Rapace and Ola Rapace. The original Swedish title is Svinalängorna, which means "The swine rows" and refers to the housing project where parts of the film are set. ...
  8. Beyond is a 2000 album by jazz saxophonist Joshua Redman. All compositions on this album were original.
  9. "Beyond" is a three-minute long instrumental song by the band The Moody Blues from their 1969 album To Our Children's Children's Children, a concept album about space travel. "Beyond" was written by the Moody Blues' drummer Graeme Edge. ...
  10. The following is a comprehensive discography of Tina Turner, an American pop rock artist. Turner's overall discography consists of nine studio albums, two live albums, two soundtracks, and five compilation albums. ...
  11. Beyond is a Canadian paranormal documentary television series produced by Renegade Motion Pictures. It began airing in January 2005 and is currently in its second run. Alannah Myles has taken on the role as host for seasons III and IV.
  12. The Demon Princes is a five-book series of science fiction novels by Jack Vance, which cumulatively relate the story of one Kirth Gersen as he exacts his revenge on five notorious criminals, collectively known as the Demon Princes, who carried his village off into slavery during his childhood. ...
  13. Beyond is an upcoming series from Virgin Comics. It is created by Deepak Chopra and is written by Ron Marz with art by Edison George and is being adapted from a screenplay written by Chopra.
  14. # "Standing in The Storm" - 4:21 # "Beyond" - 4:04 # "Leningrad" - 4:27 # "Heroes" - 4:23 # "Once Upon Love (Featuring David Foster)" - 4:22 # "Kashmir" - 3:44 # "Sweet Remembrance Of You" - 3:29 # "Apasionada" - 4:02 # "Return With Honor" - 4:08 # "Cinema Paradiso" - 4:57 # "Asturias ( ...
  15. The Beyond is the second studio album by Swedish post-metal band Cult of Luna, released in 2003. The subject matter is dissent with authorities, similar in some ways to contemporaries Isis' Panopticon. ...
  16. The Beyond were a progressive metal band from Derby, England. The band performed under this name between 1988 and 1993, then under the name Gorilla from 1995 to 1998.
  17. The Beyond (E tu vivrai nel terrore! L'aldilà, also known as Seven Doors of Death) is a 1981 Italian horror movie directed by Lucio Fulci. It is considered by some horror film fans to be one of the best movies made by the Italian director . ...
  18. The unknown; The hereafter; Farther along or away; In addition; more; Further away than; On the far side of; Later than; after; Greater than; In addition to
  19. (beyondness) The state or quality of being beyond
  20. 1976. Fl, oboe, violoncello, percussion, 2 synthesizer, percussion. Ms
  21. Our love started at the trip to Singapore for Beyond The Story Live 2005. Before concert there was fan gathering organized by BMC that made Jason and Rachel enjoy a lot and knew fans from all over the places.
  22. Italian horror movie, released in 1981. It inspired Joey Tempest to write the song "Seven Doors Hotel".
  23. Kokubunji Minoru & Yuzuki image song by Kuwashima Hoko & Orikasa Fumiko
  24. Used with reference to charges assessed for cargo movement past a line-haul terminating point.
  25. refers to all invisible space, including all levels of energy interpenetrating each other. See ETHERIC WORLD.