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bequests, plural;
  1. A legacy
    • - her $135,000 was the largest bequest the library ever has received
  2. The action of bequeathing something
    • - a painting acquired by bequest

  1. (law) a gift of personal property by will
  2. A bequest is the act of receiving property by will. Strictly, "bequest" is used of personal property, and "devise" of real property. In legal terminology, "bequeath" is a verb form meaning "to make a bequest."
  3. The transfer of property upon the owner's death according to the will of the deceased; a person's inheritance; an amount of property given by will
  4. (Bequests) A type of donation or gift. Bequests and gifts are awards given with few or no conditions specified. Gifts may be provided to establish an endowment or to provide direct support for existing programs. ...
  5. (Bequests) Are excellent gifts for these who are committed to the Dictionary Project and its mission but are unable to make gifts from current assets.
  6. (Bequests) Assets transferred through a donor's estate, such as cash gifts set out in a donor's will. Other bequests include the proceeds of life insurance policies and retirement plans.
  7. (Bequests) Gifts made in a will.
  8. (Bequests) The university has been named as a beneficiary in a will upon the death of the donor.
  9. (Bequests) specific gifts of cash
  10. The item bequeathed under a will.
  11. A transfer of property or cash to an individual or organization under a will.
  12. In the UK it generally refers to a specific legacy of a particular object (eg a specified painting rather than £500). Overseas it describes any type of legacy.
  13. A sum of money made available upon the donor's death.
  14. After this dream, pleasures of consolation from the knowledge of duties well performed, and the health of the young is assured.
  15. An old legal term meaning to give a gift or leave property under the terms of a will.
  16. gift of an identifiable asset (not money) to person/organisation in will. However, the terms bequest (not money) and legacy (money) are often used interchangeably in general usage.
  17. A sum of money or other property directed by a will.
  18. legacy; usually a gift of real estate by will
  19. Property that is given to someone by a will
  20. is a gift of property or assets to a beneficiary as defined in a will.
  21. A gift by will of personal property. A bequest is not includable in the income of the recipient. Basis is usually the value of the property at the decedent's death. ...
  22. The process of giving assets to a beneficiary through a will or revocable trust.
  23. A gift by will to a specific recipient. A charitable bequest is a transfer at death by will to a not-for-profit organization for charitable purposes.
  24. Land and interests in land (easement) may be donated through a landowner's will. The value of the estate is reduced by the value of the donation and there can be federal and state income tax advantages. ...
  25. A testamentary gift of personal property, which can be governed by your will or designated in your IRA. It can also be created in a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) or Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT). Click here for sample bequest language.