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Sharply curved or having an angle,
  1. Sharply curved or having an angle
    • - a piece of bent wire
    • - his bent shoulders
  2. Dishonest; corrupt
    • - a bent cop
  3. Stolen

  4. Homosexual

  5. Determined to do or have something
    • - a missionary bent on saving souls
    • - a mob bent on violence
  1. A stiff grass that is used for lawns and is a component of pasture and hay grasses

  2. The stiff flowering stalk of a grass

  3. Any stiff-stemmed or rushlike grass or sedge

  4. A heath or unenclosed pasture

  1. a relatively permanent inclination to react in a particular way; "the set of his mind was obvious"
  2. fixed in your purpose; "bent on going to the theater"; "dead set against intervening"; "out to win every event"
  3. bended: used of the back and knees; stooped; "on bended knee"; "with bent (or bended) back"
  4. grass for pastures and lawns especially bowling and putting greens
  5. an area of grassland unbounded by fences or hedges
  6. of metal e.g.; "bent nails"; "a car with a crumpled front end"; "dented fenders"
  7. Bent are an electronica act from Nottingham in England, consisting of Neil "Nail" Tolliday and Simon Mills. They gained critical acclaim from their debut album Programmed to Love in 2000.
  8. In chemistry, the term "bent" can be applied to certain molecules to describe their molecular geometry. H2O is an example of a bent molecule. The bond angle between the two hydrogen atoms is approximately 104.45° (inverse cosine of 1/4). ...
  9. Bent is a 1997 British/Japanese drama film directed by Sean Mathias, based on the 1979 play of the same name by Martin Sherman, who also wrote the screenplay. ...
  10. Bent is a free magazine that targets gay men and is distributed to 400 gay bars, clubs and saunas right across the United Kingdom. ...
  11. Bent is a small hamlet in the Dutch province of South Holland. It is located in the municipality of Rijnwoude,VUGA's Alfabetische Plaatsnamengids van Nederland (13th edition), VUGA, 1997. about 2 km northwest of the village Hazerswoude-Dorp. ...
  12. Bent is a 1979 play by Martin Sherman. It revolves around the persecution of gays in Nazi Germany, and takes place during and after the Night of the Long Knives. The play runs for 2 hours.
  13. An inclination or talent; A predisposition to act or react in a particular way; folded, dented; Homosexual; Determined or insistent; Of a person leading a life of crime; inaccurate at shooting; Suffering from the bends; high from using both marijuana and alcohol
  14. (bend) A curve; Any of the various knots which join the ends of two lines; A severe condition caused by excessively quick decompression, causing bubbles of nitrogen to form in the blood; decompression sickness; One of the honourable ordinaries formed by two diagonal lines drawn from the ...
  15. (bending) A motion or action that bends
  16. (Benten) The sexy lady has some fighting ability, but she mostly has little angel guys do the dirty work for her.
  17. (Bents) The vertical wood beams on a wooden roller coaster's structure.
  18. (Bents) Nickname for England Whizz-kid David Bentley
  19. (bend) A type of knot used to connect a line to a spar or another line. Also the act of using such a knot.
  20. (Bend) a geometric form with two diagonal lines from dexter chief to sinister base
  21. (Bend) One of the honourable ordinaries, is formed by two parallel diagonal lines, drawn from the dexter chief to the sinister base. It contains one third of the field. If depicted the reverse way, i.e. from sinister chief to dexter base, it is termed a Bend Sinister, which must be so expressed. ...
  22. (Bend) To fasten by means of a knot.
  23. (Bend) This refers to the lateral bend (left & right) of the horse through his entire body, from the poll to the tail.
  24. (bend) knot for joining two lines
  25. (Bend) The laterally arced position in which the horse's body appears to form an even curve from poll to tail. Examples of faulty bend are: bending only in the neck, only at the base of the neck, or bent the wrong direction.