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bassoons, plural;
  1. A bass instrument of the oboe family with a double reed

  1. a double-reed instrument; the tenor of the oboe family
  2. (bassoonist) a musician who plays the bassoon
  3. (Bassoons) Karl Ventulett | Heiko Dechert | Richard Morschel | Eberhard Beer | Stephan Köhr
  4. An unusual hybrid between a bass clarinet and oboe which remains unused in marching.
  5. A bass reed wind instrument developed in 17th century from the Curtal or Dulcian. In about 1695, the joined bassoon came into use. The Denners of Nuremberg built the first three- then four-keyed Bassoons. ...
  6. Large, expensive, double reeded, low pitched woodwind which resembles a wooden bedpost. Noted for its complex fingering. Originally intended and used as a marching instrument in military bands but now only rarely used for marching.
  7. is made of wood or plastic. It uses a two sided ("double") reed to produce a sound instead of a mouthpiece. It produces sounds from the low to middle range.
  8. One of the instruments in the wood wind family. Its mouth piece is equipped with a reed. The Basson is written in bass and tenor clef, and the Contra Bassoon is written in bass clef, sounding an octave lower. (see transposing instruments)