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bashed, past participle; bashed, past tense; bashes, 3rd person singular present; bashing, present participle;
  1. Strike hard and violently
    • - bash a mosquito with a newspaper
  2. Damage or break something by striking it violently
    • - the car's rear window had been bashed in
  3. Collide with
    • - the other vehicle bashed into the back of them
  4. Criticize severely
    • - a remark bashing the Belgian brewing industry
  1. A heavy blow
    • - a bash on the head
  2. A party or social event
    • - a birthday bash

  1. knock: a vigorous blow; "the sudden knock floored him"; "he took a bash right in his face"; "he got a bang on the head"
  2. sock: hit hard
  3. an uproarious party
  4. Bash! is the third studio album and the first holiday album from the a cappella group Rockapella.
  5. Bash-n-the-Code, later known as just Bash, was a musical derivative of the band Found Free, a 1970s mellow pop rock unit. The band was founded by Keith Lancaster in 1971, who was heavily involved with the group from its beginnings to its end. ...
  6. Bash is a free software Unix shell written for the GNU Project. Its name is an acronym which stands for Bourne-again shell. ...
  7. The American comedy-drama television series Weeds was created by Jenji Kohan and airs on premium cable channel Showtime. Mary-Louise Parker stars as Nancy Botwin, a suburban widow who begins selling marijuana to support her family. ...
  8. The Great American Bash (2008) was the fifth annual Great American Bash professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event produced by World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). ...
  9. The Bash is a New York City-based cover band formed in 2005. Noted for their ability to perform any song regardless of genre, the group has quickly taken the world by storm thanks to near-perfect performances that include unique song mash-ups, explosions, confetti, and audience participation. ...
  10. Name of the Free Software Foundation's command interpreter (the "shell") for UNIX-like operating system
  11. A large party; gala event; An attack that consists of placing all one's weight into a downward attack with one's fists; To strike heavily; To collide; To criticize harshly; To submit to, or QDB
  12. (bashing) An instance of bashing; a physical attack
  13. (BASHING) the heuristic or punitive beating administered to Allied prisoners of war by enemy guards with a culture of corporal discipline, such as Imperial Japan or Soviet Russia; such "abuse" was considered "normal" treatment in that milieu or society, inasmuch as they administered the same ...
  14. (Bashing) Body surfing. Also what a surfer does when he smacks the lip.
  15. (Bashing) Driving the truck like you stole it. Running it without any particular rules, just jumping and crashing for fun.
  16. (Bashing) Poking fun of a character, pairing, or topic, portraying them as unintelligent or ridiculous.
  17. (Bashing) Using a rolling pin to break up food or tenderise meat. With some foods doing this with a layer of plastic between you and the food means you won’t have bits flying off in all directions.
  18. (Bashing) worthless discussions of Bible scriptural interpretations with Japanese Christians. Usually concluded by Elders quoting from the Books of Moses and Abraham in "their Bible".
  19. (bashing (stair bashing)) A synonym for stair riding. Also sometimes called "stair bumping".
  20. Character bashing; hating on a character by abusing it in-story, or giving the character decidely OOC and undesireable traits because you dislike him/her.
  21. (BASHMENT) Party, dance, session
  22. (Bashment) (A Jamaican Patois term) Derived from the word "bash". A party, concert or major social event.
  23. (bashment) to be intriguing / a party
  24. The default command interpreter, or shell, for Red Hat Linux. bash features several enhancements to sh, such as built-in file management commands and support for completion of commands and paths using the the [Tab] key.
  25. The GNU version of the standard shell (the Bourne-Again shell). See "Bourne Shell."