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bailiffs, plural;
  1. A person who performs certain actions under legal authority, in particular

  2. An official in a court of law who keeps order, looks after prisoners, etc

  3. A sheriff's officer who executes writs and processes and carries out distraints and arrests

  4. The agent or steward of a landlord

  1. an officer of the court who is employed to execute writs and processes and make arrests etc.
  2. A bailiff (from Late Latin baiulivus, adjectival form of baiulus) is a governor or custodian (cf. bail); a legal officer to whom some degree of authority, care or jurisdiction is committed. Bailiffs are of various kinds and their offices and duties vary greatly.
  3. The Bailiff is the first civil officer in each of the Channel Island bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, serving as president of the legislature and the Royal Court. Each bailiwick has possessed its own bailiff since the islands were divided into two jurisdictions in the 13th century. ...
  4. (Bailiffs) Employed mainly by the Court to enter into your property and take goods to sell at auction to cover debt that you owe to a lender who has previously issued a CCJ to which you have failed to pay.
  5. (Bailiffs) person employed by the court to enter your property to repossess or seize assets to cover outstanding debts.
  6. (Bailiffs) Maintain order in courts of law. Illustrated Example: Court Officer, Sergeant at Arms
  7. (Bailiffs) a collector working for the court to collect debts personally to your home.
  8. Bailiffs are officers of the court, who can in certain circumstances be used by creditors to enforce judgments by collecting debts and repossessing homes or goods.
  9. Official who repossess your possessions or house if you cannot keep up on your mortgage repayments.
  10. A Court Attaché who maintains courtroom order, security and jury custody. In Traffic Court, this is the officer who will take any documents needed from you and provide them to the Judge. ...
  11. Shows a striving for a higher place, and a deficiency in intellect. If the bailiff comes to arrest, or make love, false friends are trying to work for your money.
  12. A person that is in charge of security in the court. Bailiffs are picked by sheriffs or marshals.
  13. A court official, who may repossess goods or property belonging to any person or business which fails to maintain their credit payments, and who does not come to any agreement to pay with their creditors.
  14. A court attendant who keeps order in the courtroom and has custody of the jury.
  15. A person legally authorised to recover a debt by seizing goods and property.
  16. An outsider frequently employed by a feudal lord to look after his estates. Such men collected rents, managed the production of the holdings, protecting the lord’s interests on the estate in his role as freeman. ...
  17. A bailiff is an appointed officer of the Court to serve a summons or execute warrants of seizure issued out of any Court.
  18. the manorial official in charge of one or more manors.  Distinguished from a reeve by being paid a stipend.
  19. A court attendant assigned by a sheriff, marshal, or constable to provide security to the court.
  20. An official of the county court who enforces the judgements and delivers notices, summonses and other such documents.
  21. An administrator, either a common freeperson or a noble, charged with managing a land holding such as a manor for an absentee lord holding the land in demesne. ...
  22. A court officer who assists in court proceedings, serves court documents and carries out court orders eg: warrants to sell property.
  23. The bailiff is the person assigned by the court to supervise and escort jurors. Bailiffs may be either sworn deputy sheriffs who also are responsible for court security, or county employees whose only duty is to attend to jurors.
  24. Manorial official, overseer of the manor, chosen by the lord.
  25. A member of sheriff’s staff who maintains security and good order at a courthouse.