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awakenings, plural;
  1. Coming into existence or awareness
    • - his awakening desire
    • - an awakening conscience
  1. An act or moment of becoming suddenly aware of something
    • - the war came as a rude awakening to the hardships of life
  2. An act of waking from sleep

  3. The beginning or rousing of something
    • - the awakening of democracy in Eastern Europe

  1. the act of waking; "it was an early awakening"; "it was the waking up he hated most"
  2. (awaken) cause to become awake or conscious; "He was roused by the drunken men in the street"; "Please wake me at 6 AM."
  3. (awaken) wake up: stop sleeping; "She woke up to the sound of the alarm clock"
  4. (awaken) make aware; "They were awakened to the sad facts"
  5. (awakened) aroused or activated; "an awakened interest in ballet"
  6. (awakened) (somewhat formal) having been waked up; "the awakened baby began to cry"
  7. "Awakening" is episode 10 of season 4 in the television show Angel.
  8. Bodhi (Sanskrit) is both a Pāli and Sanskrit word traditionally translated as "enlightenment", but frequently (and more accurately) translated as "awakening" or "to know". The word "buddha" means "one who has awakened. ...
  9. Awakening, in comics, may refer to: * The Awakening (Image Comics) by Stephen Blue, published in 1997 by Image Comics * The Awakening (Oni Press) by Neal Shaffer and Luca Genovese, published in 2004 by Oni Press * Awakening (Archaia), by Nick Tapalansky and Alex Eckman-Lawn, published in 2007 by ...
  10. Awakening is the second album by indietronica group Iris, released in 2003. Awakening was the first album to feature Andrew Sega, who added guitars and pushed the band's sound into a more experimental electronic direction.
  11. Awakening is the debut album of progressive metal band Narnia. The band is credited for skill, especially Carl Johan Grimmark, with his impressive neo-classical guitar solos, who was only 19 when this album was released.
  12. The Awakening (herännäisyys or körttiläisyys) is a Lutheran religious movement in Finland which has found followers in the provinces of Savo and Ostrobothnia. The origins of the movement are in the 18th century. ...
  13. "Awakening" is the second single off Switchfoot's sixth studio album, Oh! Gravity.. The single was released to radio in March 2007. It hit Hot AC radio stations with an impact day of March 26, 2007 and eventually peaked at No. 54 on that format's charts. ...
  14. Awakening is the debut album by Welsh progressive rock band The Reasoning. It is the only album to feature guitarist Lee Wright, who left the band in early 2008 and has since been replaced by Owain Roberts. ...
  15. The Awakening (1928) is a feature film directed by Victor Fleming. The film's theme song was "Marie" by Irving Berlin.
  16. The Awakening is a 1980 British horror film. It was directed by Mike Newell, and was his first theatrical feature; he had worked in television for many years prior. ...
  17. The Awakening is a novel by Kelley Armstrong from Darkest Powers trilogy. It is the sequel to The Summoning.
  18. The Awakening is an alternative rock band from Johannesburg, South Africa, formed in 1995 by vocalist, guitarist and producer Ashton Nyte. The band is credited in the press as "South Africa's most successful Gothic Rock act and one of the top bands in the far broader Alternative scene. ...
  19. The Awakening is the sixth studio album by Caliban, released in Germany on May 25, 2007. The album peaked at number 36 on the German album charts. A limited digipak edition was released, which also came with a bonus patch. The album was released in the United States on October 23, 2007. ...
  20. The Quantum Prophecy (ISBN 978-0007210923, January 2006) by Michael Carroll (author) is the title of the first novel in The New Heroes series of books for young adults, published by HarperCollins in the United Kingdom. ...
  21. The act of awaking, or ceasing to sleep; A revival of religion, or more general attention to religious matters than usual; Rousing from sleep, in a natural or a figurative sense; rousing into activity; exciting; as, the awakening city; an awakening discourse; the awakening dawn
  22. (Awaken) The event, and the process where an AI becomes aware for the first time. Also known as sparking, or having sparked. Any piece or pieces of equipment that are or have an AI are said to be awake.
  23. A process in which the practitioner finally experiences a profound letting go of the causes of suffering. This happens by realising, at a visceral level, the impermanence and insubstantiality of all the elements of her or his experience. ...
  24. The return to the awake state from any non-REM or REM sleep stage.
  25. "Spontaneous" awakenings most often start while you are in REM sleep, although you may awaken from NREM sleep, as well. When you are awake, your brain waves are of the alpha or beta pattern (see brain wave rhythms), your muscle tone is high and you can move voluntarily.