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auditoria, plural; auditoriums, plural;
  1. The part of a theater, concert hall, or other public building in which the audience sits

  2. A large building or hall used for public gatherings, typically concerts or sports events

  3. A large room for such gatherings, esp. in a school

  1. the area of a theater or concert hall where the audience sits
  2. An auditorium is a room built to enable an audience to hear and watch performances at venues such as theatres. For movie theaters, the number of auditoriums is expressed as the number of screens.
  3. The Auditorium (formerly the RLDS Auditorium) is a house of worship and office building located on the greater Temple Lot in Independence, Missouri. The Auditorium is part of the headquarters complex of the Community of Christ which also includes the Independence Temple.
  4. Hynes Convention Center is a stop on the MBTA's Green Line, located at the intersection of Newbury Street and Massachusetts Avenue. It is located at the "artsy" end of Newbury Street: the luxury stores that also reside on Newbury Street are concentrated toward the other end, near the Arlington stop.
  5. The Auditorium, also known as the Assembly Hall, of the Torrance High School is a PWA Moderne building from 1938. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983.
  6. Auditorium is a web based puzzle game from Philadelphia-based studio . Presented in Flash, the game involves bending light particles with space modifiers to fill audio containers that fade in portions of an orchestrated soundtrack.
  7. A large room for public meetings or performances; The space where the audience is located
  8. The part of the theatre designed to accommodate the audience. Auditorium can also describe the entire theatre, and has been in use as a word since the 18th century, although there were other words with the same meaning before that. Incidentally, the plural can be either auditoriums or auditoria. ...
  9. A facility designed for the assembly of persons for exhibitions, performances, conferences, or other purposes serving an assembly function. (Ord. 3747, 1-20-87, § 16)
  10. Large theater-like room in a school in which they hold band concerts, may be used for other purposes on non-concert days.
  11. The building or the portion of the building consisting of: the audience seating area, orchestra pit, lighting and sound booths, stage, wings, dressing rooms, set construction area, greenroom, and rehearsal areas.
  12. The APC Auditorium is a 390-seater where the college's events, shows and programs are being held and equipped with cinema and sound system for maximum viewing enjoyment.
  13. The social self. An empty auditorium can represent constricted social interests, whereas a crowded auditorium suggests a need for social interaction.
  14. A hall or seating area within the hall where the audience views a performance.
  15. The part of the theatre in which the audience sits. Also known as the House.
  16. The seating area of a theatre.