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assistants, plural;
  1. A person who ranks below a senior person
    • - the managing director and his assistant
    • - an assistant manager
  2. A person who helps in particular work
    • - a laboratory assistant

  1. a person who contributes to the fulfillment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose; "my invaluable assistant"; "they hired additional help to finish the work"
  2. adjunct: of or relating to a person who is subordinate to another
  3. An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish his goals. Assistants may be provided by one's employer to assist with work-related tasks. The wealthy or those with freelance businesses may hire personal assistants. ...
  4. A software wizard is a user interface element that presents a user with a sequence of dialog boxes that lead the user through a series of well-defined steps. Tasks that are complex, infrequently performed, or unfamiliar may be easier to perform using a wizard. ...
  5. The Assistant is a 1998 film directed by Daniel Petrie.
  6. The Assistant (1957, ISBN 0-374-50484-9) is Bernard Malamud's second novel. Set in a working-class neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, it explores the situation of first- and second-generation Americans in the early 1950s, as experienced by three main characters and the relationships between ...
  7. The Assistant is a reality television show that parodied other reality shows such as The Apprentice, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Survivor, American Idol, and Fear Factor. Its eight episodes originally aired on MTV. It featured comedian Andy Dick's search for a new personal assistant. ...
  8. The following is an episode list for the Fox television comedy series Undeclared. The series premiered on September 25, 2001 in the United States and last aired on March 12, 2002, lasting one season of 17 episodes. ...
  9. Someone who is present; a bystander, a witness; A person who assists or helps someone else; sales assistant; A software tool that provides assistance in some task; Having a subordinate or auxiliary position
  10. (Assistants) Art dela Cruz, Allan Caidic
  11. (Assistants) MEPs can hire staff to assist them in their job for an amount of € 19,709 per month (2011 figures, source).
  12. (Assistants) Mai Morofushi and Tomoko Sekii
  13. (Assistants) Personnel involved in an individual audit other than the auditor signing the audit report; includes an expert employed by the auditor.
  14. (Assistants) There are two assistants and their job is to get the scores from the judges and calculate them into a final score.
  15. The glassworker that works directly for the Gaffer.  In some situations, there may be several assistants depending on the size of the project.
  16. A person employed primarily to scurry all over the place carrying things that weigh up to five times as much as they do. Assist-ants may seem easily crushable, but many have poisonous, stinging bites when provoked.
  17. The JavaScript that controls the behavior of a stage or scene. The assistants are located in the app/assistants directory in the application directory.
  18. “Nontenured employment position in higher education as an aide to one or more faculty members as either a ‘teaching assistant’ or a ‘research assistant.’ Such positions or ‘assistantships’ pay modest salaries through the academic year and are often awarded as financial aid to graduate students. ...
  19. Assistants are generally employed in a supporting role (secretarial, administrative, financial, communication, policy development and implementation etc). ...
  20. An individual assisting the gaffer make a piece.
  21. A young person from abroad, usually French or German, who helps teach the language (not to mention taking rugby etc)
  22. A tool that guides a user through a series of steps, usually to configure or set up a program. Equivalent to Wizard and Druid.
  23. aide, helper, acolyte, friend, associate, colleague, second in command, patron, backer, ancillary, adjutant, partner, co-worker, ally
  24. Title for subordinates of the Command Staff Positions.  The title indicates a level of technical capability, qualifications, and responsibility subordinate to the primary positions.  Assistants may also be used to supervise Unit activities at Camps.
  25. An assistant is likely to be the person providing additional training or teaching in literacy, numeracy and/or ESOL support.