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archives, plural;
  1. Place or store (something) in such a collection or place

  2. Transfer (data) to a less frequently used storage medium such as magnetic tape, typically external to the computer system and having a greater storage capacity

  1. A collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people
    • - source materials in local archives
    • - a section of archive film
  2. The place where such documents or records are kept
    • - to get into the archives I had to fill in a request form

  1. put into an archive
  2. a depository containing historical records and documents
  3. (archives) collection of records especially about an institution
  4. An archive is a collection of historical records, as well as the place they are located. Archives contain primary source documents that have accumulated over the course of an individual or organization's lifetime.
  5. Archive is a musical group based in London, England, whose music spans electronic, trip-hop, avant-garde, post-rock and progressive rock. ...
  6. A file archiver is a computer program that combines a number of files together into one archive file, or a series of archive files, for easier transportation or storage. ...
  7. Archive is compilation album by British melodic rock band Magnum. It is a collection of previously unreleased demo and outtake material recorded from 1976 to 1983, and was released in 1993 by Jet Records.
  8. Archive Series a.k.a. The Korgis Archive is a compilation album by English pop band The Korgis. It was released by Rialto Records in 1997. This is a CD re-issue of the 1983 UK album The Best of The Korgis with eight additional tracks.
  9. Archive is a compilation album by The Specials, released in 2001 (see 2001 in music). It consists of old Specials songs and ones by the new line-up, mostly covers.
  10. A place for storing earlier, and often historical, material. An archive usually contains documents (letters, records, newspapers, etc.) or other types of media kept for historical interest; The material so kept, considered as a whole (compare archives); To put into an archive
  11. (Archived) Removed from the list of active caches.
  12. (Archived) a completed sale that is moved out of the Current & Completed Sales screen. It no longer contains details about the individual products that had been on sale.
  13. (Archived) the program has no funding opportunity document under which proposals may be submitted or for which the program is still managing active awards.
  14. (archives) Records or documents with historical value, or the place where such records and documents are kept.
  15. (Archives) reference to the storage of older records
  16. (Archives) A collection of documents, media and other items that usual have historic value. Archives can also be referred to as Special Collection.
  17. (Archives) Most often an index page, often organizing posts or entries by either category or date.
  18. (Archives) a collection of all your posts on one page. Can be categorized by month etc.
  19. (Archives) an organized body of documents made or received in connection with the function of the institution or the library. Archives are maintained and preserved as a part of the record-keeping process and usually collected in a separate physical location.
  20. (Archives) Select Month March 2011  (1) February 2011  (4) January 2011  (1) December 2010  (1) November 2010  (4) October 2010  (3) September 2010  (1) July 2010  (1) June 2010  (1) May 2010  (1) December 2009  (5) November 2009  (2) October 2009  (4) September 2009  (1) August 2009  (2) July ...
  21. (Archives) 1. The noncurrent records of an individual, organization, or institution kept for their continuing value. 2. The agency or institution responsible for the care of archival materials. 3. The building or other repository housing archival records. ...
  22. (Archives) 1. Documents created by a person or organization in the course of the conduct of affairs and preserved for their historical value. 2. The place where archival materials are kept. At Peabody the Archives Department is located on the second level of the Friedheim Library. 3. ...
  23. (Archives) A special collection or collections that house the records of organizations, governments, universities, etc. An archive can also contain collections of the personal papers of an individual or family, photographs, pamphlets, newspaper clippings, etc. ...
  24. (Archives) An organized index page that collects a website's posts from the past.
  25. (Archives) Displays all of a blogger's posts on one page organized by date or category.