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  1. inherent ability
  2. An aptitude is an innate, acquired or learned or developed component of a competency (the others being knowledge, understanding and attitude) to do a certain kind of work at a certain level. Aptitudes may be physical or mental. ...
  3. aptitude is a front-end to the Advanced Packaging Tool (APT). It displays a list of software packages and allows the user to interactively pick packages to install or remove. It has an especially powerful search system utilizing flexible search patterns. ...
  4. The following is an episode list for the Disney Channel situation comedy, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody.
  5. Natural ability to acquire knowledge or skill; The condition of being suitable
  6. (Aptitudes) Specific capacities or abilities required of an individual in order to facilitate the learning of some task.
  7. (Aptitudes) The particular strengths, knowledge, or skills that a person has, generally related to an occupation or career.
  8. An individual’s ability to learn or to develop proficiency in an area if provided with appropriate education or training. Aptitude tests include tests of general academic (scholastic) ability; tests of special abilities (i.e. ...
  9. An aptitude is the readiness to become proficient in a type of activity, given the opportunity and may refer to an individual's capacity or potential to learn one type of work.
  10. Good skill at installing software packages.
  11. What you are potentially capable of, even if you have not currently achieved it.
  12. The specific ability a learner has for learning a second language. This is separate from intelligence.
  13. person's natural ability or potential to learn in areas such as technology, music, athletics, art, communications, science, etc.; potential, or knack, for learning certain skills.
  14. A predisposition to react in a certain way; a readiness to react, a determining tendency.
  15. One's capability for performing a particular task or skill; usually involves a narrower skill than ability (e.g., mathematics aptitude or foreign language aptitude).
  16. Capacity for learning; natural ability, talent. Aptitude can be general, such as school aptitude, or specific, as in mathematics aptitude. It is possible to have high aptitude in one area and average or below average aptitude in another domain.
  17. A combination of abilities and other characteristics, whether innate or acquired, believed to be indicative of an individual's ability to learn in some particular area.
  18. Learners’ different styles of learning and multiple intelligences have to be recognised.
  19. A natural talent or ability.