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Suitable or proper in the circumstances,
  1. Suitable or proper in the circumstances
    • - a measure appropriate to a wartime economy
  1. Take (something) for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission
    • - his images have been appropriated by advertisers
  2. Devote (money or assets) to a special purpose
    • - there can be problems in appropriating funds for legal expenses

  1. suitable for a particular person or place or condition etc; "a book not appropriate for children"; "a funeral conducted the appropriate solemnity"; "it seems that an apology is appropriate"
  2. allow: give or assign a resource to a particular person or cause; "I will earmark this money for your research"; "She sets aside time for meditation every day"
  3. take possession of by force, as after an invasion; "the invaders seized the land and property of the inhabitants"; "The army seized the town"; "The militia captured the castle"
  4. (appropriateness) the quality of being specially suitable
  5. Morality (from the Latin '' "manner, character, proper behavior") is a sense of behavioral conduct that differentiates intentions, decisions, and actions between those that are good (or right) and bad (or wrong). ...
  6. To make suitable; to suit. -- William Paley; To take to one's self in exclusion of others; to claim or use as by an exclusive right; as, "let no man appropriate the use of a common benefit. ...
  7. (Appropriateness) The extent to which a particular procedure, treatment, test, or service is clearly indicated, not excessive, adequate in quantity, and provided in the setting best suited to a patient's or member's needs. (See also, medically necessary)
  8. (Appropriateness) Appropriate health care is care for which the expected health benefit exceeds the expected negative consequences by a wide enough margin to justify treatment [42].
  9. (Appropriateness) A judgment that an intervention is warranted. This judgment is generally the result of some formal process of expert consultation that considers issues of acceptability, feasibility, and costs.
  10. (Appropriateness) Deciding when to use humor rather than give a serious response.
  11. (Appropriateness) The suitability of a statistic for empirical measurement; it speaks to the cogency of a data element representing a study factor. ...
  12. (Appropriateness) Theories are often evaluated based upon how well their epistemological, ontological, and axiological assumptions relate to the issue or question being explained. If a theory recapitulates its assumptions (if it is tautological), it is not an effective theory.
  13. (Appropriateness) Where receipt of a message by a given time/date is critical or the subject matter is of an important nature, such message should be communicated by facsimile or courier to ensure that it is received and can be acted upon. ...
  14. (Appropriateness) of the lyrics and/or the notes to the setting in which one proposes to sing or play them
  15. (appropriateness) A criterion of communication competence that is achieved when communication does not violate behavioral expectations, weaken relationships among communicators, or threaten any member's self-esteem.
  16. able to meet a need; suitable or fitting; in special education, it usually means the most normal setting possible.
  17. audit evidence is relevant (pertains to the proposition supported) and reliable (trustworthy).
  18. The degree to which the treatment provided is relevant to or proper for an individual's clinical needs, given the current state of knowledge.
  19. If a cost meets the criteria of being allowable, allocable, and reasonable it is appropriate.
  20. Appropriation / Appropriated  - Distribution of net income to different accounts and may also include the allocation of retained earnings for a specific or designated purpose, e.g. new equipment.
  21. as used in the Indicators of Competence and supporting information, is not intended to imply a normative view of language and numeracy. ...
  22. As used in the Department's regulations, this term means that a service or support or facility that is sufficient to provide the quality and quantity of staff, assistance, intervention, and environment to meet the individual's needs or objectives indicated in his or her ISP (see ISP).
  23. An act by the State Legislature or Congress to provide budgeted funds to programs that have been previously authorized by other legislation. The amount of funding appropriated may be less than what was authorized.
  24. Describes a text, word, utterance, style, method or choice that is suitable for its intended audience, form or purpose. ...
  25. Means determined to be appropriate by KVH or its officers to be proper and suitable after the consideration of relevant factors.