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ambled, past participle; ambles, 3rd person singular present; ambling, present participle; ambled, past tense;
  1. Walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace
    • - they ambled along the riverbank
    • - he ambled into the foyer
  1. A walk at a slow, relaxed pace, esp. for pleasure
    • - a peaceful riverside amble

  1. walk leisurely
  2. Amble is a town, civil parish and seaport on the North Sea coast, in Northumberland, England. It lies at the mouth of the River Coquet, and the nearby Coquet Island is clearly visible from its beaches and harbour. ...
  3. An unhurried leisurely walk or stroll; An easy gait, especially that of a horse (as above); To stroll or walk slowly and leisurely; Of a horse: to move along by using both legs on one side, and then the other
  4. A relaxed, easy gait in which the legs on either side move in unison or in some breeds almost, but not quite, as a pair. Often seen as the transition movement between the walk and faster gaits (e.g. Bouvier des Flandres).
  5. To amble is to take a leisurely walk, but not in the highest sense of the word "leisure." Until the 16th century, the word was used to refer to a particular (leisurely) gait of a horse; and, like a horse who walks slowly because it's exhausted, we who pride ourselves on "ambling" might as well ...
  6. 1. A general term for a range of four beat intermediate speed horse gaits that are approximately the speed of a trot or pace but far smoother to ride. Various terms for lateral ambling gaits, based on style, speed or rhythm of gait. ...
  7. The slower form of the lateral pacing gait. (See Pacer)
  8. to walk slowly, stroll, saunter