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allowances, plural;
  1. Give (someone) a sum of money regularly as an allowance

  1. The amount of something that is permitted, esp. within a set of regulations or for a specified purpose
    • - a seventy-five-pound baggage allowance
  2. A sum of money paid regularly to a person, typically to meet specified needs or expenses

  3. A small amount of money that a parent regularly gives a child

  4. An amount of money that can be earned or received free of tax
    • - a personal allowance
  5. A reduction in price, typically for the exchange of used goods
    • - he made the down payment with the trade-in allowance
  6. A deduction in the weight that a horse is required to carry in a race

  7. Tolerance; sufferance
    • - the allowance of slavery in the South

  1. an amount allowed or granted (as during a given period); "travel allowance"; "my weekly allowance of two eggs"; "a child's allowance should not be too generous"
  2. put on a fixed allowance, as of food
  3. a sum granted as reimbursement for expenses
  4. an amount added or deducted on the basis of qualifying circumstances; "an allowance for profit"
  5. a permissible difference; allowing some freedom to move within limits
  6. valuation reserve: a reserve fund created by a charge against profits in order to provide for changes in the value of a company's assets
  7. In engineering and machining, an allowance is a planned deviation between an actual dimension and a nominal or theoretical dimension, or between an intermediate-stage dimension and an intended final dimension. ...
  8. An allowance is an amount of money set aside for a designated purpose.
  9. The act of allowing, granting, conceding, or admitting; authorization; permission; sanction; tolerance; Acknowledgment; That which is allowed; a share or portion allotted or granted; a sum granted as a reimbursement, a bounty, or as appropriate for any purpose; a stated quantity, as of food or ...
  10. (Allowances) Budgets offered by builders of new homes for the purchase of carpeting and fixtures.
  11. (Allowances) weight permitted to be reduced because of the conditions of the race or because an apprentice is on a horse. Also, a weight females are entitled to when racing against males.
  12. (Allowances) The discounts (premiums) allowed for grades or locations of a commodity lower (higher) than the par (or basis) grade or location specified in the futures contract. See Differentials.
  13. (Allowances) Money set aside by builders for amenities, such as driveways, landscaping, carpeting and fixtures, that are standard but have optional designs.
  14. (Allowances) Amounts included in the budget to cover possible additional expenditures for statutory pay increases and other requirements.
  15. (Allowances) Payments made to employees that are in addition to their ordinary wage rate to compensate for some particular disability or aspect of work. ...
  16. (ALLOWANCES) In construction or remodeling, a line item in the contractor’s bid when the exact product, brand, or cost is yet to be determined. An estimate or placeholder for an expense.
  17. (ALLOWANCES) The amounts approved to be requested for the budget year. They are also referred to as planning allowances. OMB sets the budget allowance at the beginning of the budget cycle. ...
  18. (Allowances (1250-1281)) These codes may only be used by the Financial Services Office. The codes represent a variety of allowances that may be payable to employees (i.e., cell phone, internet, clothing or housing)
  19. (Allowances) Amounts deducted from an invoice in return for prompt payment, large quantity purchase, special promotions etc of goods and services supplied. See Discount.
  20. (Allowances) An amount of fuel included in the reserves to take account of factors that were unforeseen in the planning stage of a mission. ...
  21. (Allowances) Fuel reserves, usually specified as time factors under certain conditions, as distance plus descent, or as a percentage (by weight or volume) of the cruising fuel for a given stage.
  22. (Allowances) Greenhouse gas emission permits for companies and designed to minimize the economic impact of a cap-and-trade program.
  23. (Allowances) Money, other than basic pay, to compensate in certain situations for expenses, such as meals, rent, clothing, and travel. Usually given for maintaining proficiency in a specific skill area, such as flying or parachuting.
  24. (Allowances) Rewards other than base pay. These may be monetary or in-kind. These can be provided as part of the employment contract (e.g. transportation, housing, meals, telephone, travel, cost-of-living), or can be provided on a non-contractual basis. (See also personal emoluments).
  25. (Allowances) We for example have an allowance of 30 to 35m2 of paving to the front of your home for driveway and paths. Porches, porticos and alfresco would generally have paving included and would be noted as such. There would be a builder’s range from which you can choose. ...