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Used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name,
  1. Misidentify (a signal frequency), introducing distortion or error

  1. A false or assumed identity
    • - a spy operating under the alias Barsad
  2. An alternative name or label that refers to a file, command, address, or other item, and can be used to locate or access it

  3. Each of a set of signal frequencies that, when sampled at a given uniform rate, would give the same set of sampled values, and thus might be incorrectly substituted for one another when reconstructing the original signal

  1. Used to indicate that a named person is also known or more familiar under another specified name
    • - Eric Blair, alias George Orwell
  2. Indicating another term or synonym
    • - the catfish—alias bullhead—is a mighty tasty fry-up

  1. a name that has been assumed temporarily
  2. as known or named at another time or place; "Mr. Smith, alias Mr. Lafayette"
  3. PowerAnimator and Animator, also referred to simply as "Alias", the precursor to what is now Maya and StudioTools, was an expensive, complex, highly-integrated industrial 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects suite. ...
  4. Alias is the debut album from the Canadian rock band Alias, released in 1990 by Capitol Records.
  5. Alias (born Brendon Whitney) is an abstract hip hop artist and producer. He is mainly affiliated with the Anticon label/collective. His stage name is not to be confused with the hard rock band of the same name.
  6. Alias was a Canadian album-oriented rock/hard rock supergroup band, formed in 1988 by vocalist Freddy Curci and guitarist Steve DeMarchi of the Canadian arena rock band Sheriff ("When I'm With You"), along with Heart founding members Roger Fisher, Steve Fossen, and Mike DeRosier.
  7. Alias is a board game, where the objective of the players is to explain words to each other. The game is played in teams of varying size, and fits well as a party game for larger crowds. The game is not very competitive.
  8. Alias is a comic book series created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos. It was published by Marvel Comics under Marvel's MAX imprint for a total of 28 issues from 2001 to 2004.
  9. Another name; an assumed name; A second or further writ which is issued after a first writ has expired without effect; An abbreviation that replaces a string of in-game commands and thereby reduces typing when performing routine actions or tasks; An spurious signal generated as a ...
  10. (Aliases (info)) DictionaryOfBasic...
  11. (Aliases) Alias accounts are e-mail boxes that do not have a physical mailbox on the system, and must be forwarded to an existing regular account.
  12. (Aliases) Each Tribes 2 account is assigned a unique ID called a GUID. A player may change the account name from time to time. In this case, the various names associated with a particular GUID are called aliases. See also: "aliases".
  13. (Aliases) Troj/Backspy-A, Dropper.p!588f9fb07a55, TrojanSpy:Win32/Ursnif.gen!H, Trojan.Win32.Inject.kzl, VirTool:Win32/Obfuscator.CO, Win32.Agent.gjs, TROJ_PATCH.ZGM, Trojan.Win32.Agent.jh, TROJ_Generic.DIT, Win32/TrojanDropper.Agent, Trojan.Agent.AJWX, TR/Dropper.Gen, Win32:Trojan-gen, Trojan. ...
  14. (Aliases) Used to reroute browser requests from one URL to another. (Source:(ISC)&sup2)
  15. (Aliases) different names used by different malware vendors that are indicative of a particular and specific malware.
  16. (aliases) Multiple references to a single object. Messages may be sent to the object via any of its aliases. A resulting state change will be detectable by all.
  17. Latin for (otherwise) commonly meaning that a person is known by more than one name. In some states, indicated by the letters AKA (Also Known Aliases).
  18. In MGI, an alternative symbol or name for part of the sequence of a known gene that resembles names for other anonymous DNA segments. For example, D6Mit236 is an alias for Cftr.
  19. A nickname for something, which behaves in all ways as though you'd used the original name instead of the nickname. ...
  20. A unique and usually shorter URL (link) that can be distinguished from other links even if they ultimately go to the same Web page. This makes it possible to track which message led viewers to click on the link.
  21. A different name by which a virus is known.
  22. A file that points to another item, such as a program, document, folder, or disk. When an alias is opened, the original item that the alias points to is opened. This helps in the organizing and accessing of files. Alias is purely a Mac term. ...
  23. A name that points to another name. Aliases are used to make the original name easier to remember or to protect the site's identity.
  24. advanced quake console command. allows players to perform complex actions such as rocket jumping with a keypress
  25. False name used in substitution of a legal name on official documents and for official purposes. Nicknames are not considered aliases. May be noted as AKA (Also Known As) on criminal records.