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  1. the quality of being bold and enterprising
  2. aggression: a feeling of hostility that arouses thoughts of attack
  3. a natural disposition to be hostile
  4. In psychology, as well as other social and behavioral sciences, aggression (also called combativeness) refers to behavior between members of the same species that is intended to cause pain or harm. ...
  5. The state or quality of being aggressive; The result or product of being aggressive
  6. Attempting to get your own way in a dispute by putting physical or verbal pressure on the other person.
  7. Of a plant pathogen: relative ability to colonize and cause damage to plants. (21) See also virulence. (Note: The Federation of British Plant Pathologists, now the British Society for Plant Pathology, has rejected this term and considered it to be synonymous with pathogenicity.) (8)
  8. (in  aggressive behaviour (psychology): Physiological causes of aggression)
  9. Counterpart of race-non-specific resistance; the ability of the isolate to grow vigorously on or in its host. The more aggressive an isolate of a pathogen is the more of the host tissue it can invade in a given time.
  10. the expression of one's own thoughts and feelings at another's expense.
  11. seeks new business by identifying trends and developing new products and services to consumers.
  12. Last stroke of "g", "j", "y" and "p" carried forward with a strong and vigorous swing.