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advisers, plural; advisors, plural;
  1. A person who gives advice, typically someone who is expert in a particular field
    • - the military adviser to the President
  2. In a school, college, or university, a teacher or staff counselor who helps a student plan a course of study
    • - my adviser might switch me back into Wasserman's class

  1. an expert who gives advice; "an adviser helped students select their courses"; "the United States sent military advisors to Guatemala"
  2. One who advises
  3. Advisers hold different types of licenses and this affects the kind of advice they can
  4. A broker, consultant or investment banker who represents an owner in a transaction. Advisers may be paid a retainer and/or a performance fee upon the close of a financing or sales transaction.
  5. Authorised by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to provide advice and sell financial products, including life insurance products.
  6. A Scouter associated with a Venturer Company or Rover Crew. A resource for the members of the section and the person with responsibility for the actions of the section.
  7. A member of the faculty or staff who assists students with scheduling and educational planning.
  8. an adviser is someone who can help you with your employment case behind the scenes. They can help with paperwork, and give you advice on your case. Usually they won't talk directly to your employer or represent you at the employment tribunal.
  9. A faculty or staff member assigned to a student to advise that student on academic matters that include degree requirements and selection of courses.
  10. Faculty member or administrator who assists a student with the course selection and academic decision-making the student needs to meet personal, professional and academic needs and goals
  11. a member of the graduate faculty who is formally charged with assisting a student in planning the course of study; this person may or may not also be the student’s director of research
  12. The company that takes primary responsibility for managing a mutual fund. The adviser receives an annual fee for this service, usually ranging between 0.50% and 1% of a fund's total assets.
  13. The Fellow who is assigned to you by College in a ‘big brother’ role (both positively and negatively). They get copies of your academic reports and are theoretically meant to check up on you once a term in case you have any issues with your supervisor or department.
  14. a faculty member who advises the student about his or her academic program.
  15. An organization employed by a mutual fund to give professional advice on the fund’s investments and asset management practices. Also known as the investment adviser.
  16. A person appointed by a State, on the basis of his or her qualifications, for the purpose of assisting its accredited representative in an investigation.
  17. Not advisor in general use. In formal publications, however, use the spelling adopted for the particular position.
  18. The firm primarily responsible for a fund's day-to-day operation.
  19. A faculty member or designated staff member who assists students in planning their studies and selecting courses so that they may be successful in completing their degrees.
  20. A qualified Barclays Financial Planning Manager, who will discuss your financial affairs in detail, listen to your needs and make appropriate recommendations.
  21. a trading account management algorithm in a form of a program based on MetaQuotes Language 4. This program sends requests and orders to a server using the client terminal.
  22. A professional, who is qualified to give you advice. Among others, this could be an independent financial adviser (IFA), a whole-of-market mortgage adviser, a solicitor or an accountant.
  23. These are the organisations or people who can analyse your personal circumstances and advise you on your best options. They usually charge fees for this service, and may also receive commissions from the institutions you choose to invest in, or borrow from. ...
  24. means, in respect of a party, a legal, accounting, taxation, financial or other expert adviser to that party and includes, where appropriate, the partners, directors, officers and employees, consultants of the adviser.