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advices, plural;
  1. Guidance or recommendations concerning prudent future action, typically given by someone regarded as knowledgeable or authoritative
    • - she visited the island on her doctor's advice
    • - even successful businessmen asked his advice
  2. A formal notice of a financial transaction
    • - remittance advices
  3. Information; news
    • - fresh advices from Europe

  1. a proposal for an appropriate course of action
  2. In Computational complexity theory, an advice string is an extra input to a Turing machine which is allowed to depend on the length n of the input, but not on input itself. ...
  3. Advice, in constitutional law, is formal, usually binding, instruction given by one constitutional officer of state to another. Especially in parliamentary systems of government, Heads of state often act on the basis of advice issued by prime ministers or other government ministers. ...
  4. Advice (also called exhortation) is a form of relating personal opinions, belief systems, personal values and recommendations about certain situations relayed in some context to another person, group or party often offered as a guide to action and/or conduct. ...
  5. In aspect and functional programming, advice describes a class of functions which modify other functions when the latter are run; it is a certain function, method or procedure that is to be applied at a given join point of a program.
  6. An opinion recommended or offered, as worthy to be followed; counsel; Deliberate consideration; knowledge; Information or notice given; intelligence; as, late advices from France; -- commonly in the plural. ...
  7. (Advices) Extracts from minutes and epistles of early Friends intended to supply guidance, caution and counsel to monthly meetings and their members on various aspects of daily life. ...
  8. (ADVICES) Ideals stated as a continuing reminder of the basic faith and principles held to be essential to the life and witness of Friends.  Friends have found it useful regularly to remind each other of their nature through the periodic reading and discussion of advices along with related queries.
  9. (Advices) the reports provided by professionals and parents as part of statutory assessment.
  10. The contents of the Website do not constitute advice and should not be relied upon in making or refraining from making, any decision.
  11. the credit union's written acknowledgment to its members of a debit or credit transaction affecting that member's account
  12. According to the rules of golf, advice is "any counsel or suggestion made by one golfer to another about the choice of club, method of play or making of a shot, which contains no more than five errors of fact, contradictory statements or harmful recommendations. ...
  13. The word “advices” refers to the record (either hard copy or available on line) of gross pay, taxes, other deductions, and direct deposit information that is used by employees who select direct deposit for their earnings rather than a “live” check.
  14. Instruction on how a ball should be played. Only partners and caddies may be consulted without penalty.
  15. Aspect definitions consist of pointcuts and advices. Advices are the code that crosscuts the dominant decomposition of a software system.
  16. Report to employees whose pay is direct deposited showing gross pay, reductions, deductions, contributions, net pay, selected year-to-date totals and bank account number.
  17. Students ask for clothes-related advice and decide on whose advice is best. The problems can be their own ideas, based on particularly vocabulary that you want them to practice (e.g. “I have to wear a skirt at work but I hate my legs” for “skirt”), or just given to them as sentences (e.g. ...
  18. opinions and information you receive (asked for or not) from others, which you could use (an advice is not an order!).
  19. advise, advised, advising, adviser, advisable, inadvisable
  20. Volunteer Centres will spend time with prospective volunteers helping them to pick a volunteer opportunity best suited to their circumstances and interests.
  21. A written confirmation of a service performed, funds transferred, or a payment received or made.
  22. Advice is suggesting solutions without knowing a person’s intentions.
  23. means both personal advice and general advice but not factual information.
  24. A recommendation or statement of opinion that may influence a person in making a decision to acquire, hold or dispose of a financial product.
  25. Suggestions about a decision or action. Opinion about what could or should be done about a situation or problem