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Of or relating to the running of a business, organization, etc,
  1. Of or relating to the running of a business, organization, etc
    • - administrative problems
    • - administrative staff

  1. of or relating to or responsible for administration
  2. In business, administration consists of the performance or management of business operations and thus the making or implementing of major decisions. ...
  3. An arrangement whereby an employer uses the provider network of an HMO, PPO or TPA on a fee-for-service basis, but the HMO, PPO or TPA itself only provides, and is reimbursed for, administrative services; or, where a payor (employer, union, etc. ...
  4. Granted to the borrower for payments of principal and interest that are overdue or that would be due in certain circumstances. An example of an administrative forbearance is a forbearance that is processed prior to a deferment when an account is past due. ...
  5. Computerised accounting, inventory control systems and shop-floor tracking systems. This dimension focuses on tracking operations.
  6. work activities relating to planning, organizing, directing, controlling, supervising and budgeting of agency or unit operation, programs and mission.
  7. information collected and used to operate the State (e.g., financial data)
  8. (1)  The term "employee employed in a bona fide * * * administrative * * * capacity" in Section 39-3-406(1)(j) MCA of the Montana Minimum Wage and Overtime Compensation Act shall mean any employee whose primary duty consists of the performance of office or nonmanual work directly related to ...
  9. power: for different functions (e.g. health, education, infrastructure, law and order) how will the administrative and service agencies of government be organized and controlled?
  10. Refers to a staff employee whose duty consists of the director, associate, or assistant administrator of a recognized entity, is not more than three levels below the Chancellor and President or a Vice President excluding positions listed in the Clerical Allocation Plan, is responsible for ...
  11. or management, dietitians are responsible for large-scale food planning and service. They manage dietary departments in health care facilities, school food service programs, prisons, cafeterias, and restaurants. They also hire, train, direct, and supervise employees.
  12. Non-instructional expenses, including planning, administration (including clerical costs and rental of administrative space), evaluation, personnel development, and coordination that are necessary and reasonable. The cost for instructional coordinators is an instructional expense.
  13. Cities (Spa towns) · Streets and Squares · Administrative divisions (of Belgrade)
  14. (General Manager, Personnel, Etc.)
  15. Information used to manage the object or control access to it. This may include information on how it was scanned, its storage format, copyright and licensing information, and information necessary for the long-term preservation of the digital objects.