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accumulated, past participle; accumulates, 3rd person singular present; accumulating, present participle; accumulated, past tense;
  1. Gather together or acquire an increasing number or quantity of
    • - investigators have yet to accumulate enough evidence
  2. Gradually gather or acquire (a resulting whole)
    • - her goal was to accumulate a huge fortune
  3. Gather or build up
    • - the toxin accumulated in their bodies

  1. roll up: get or gather together; "I am accumulating evidence for the man's unfaithfulness to his wife"; "She is amassing a lot of data for her thesis"; "She rolled up a small fortune"
  2. collect or gather; "Journals are accumulating in my office"; "The work keeps piling up"
  3. accrued: periodically accumulated over time; "accrued interest"; "accrued leave"
  4. (accumulation) accretion: an increase by natural growth or addition
  5. (accumulation) collection: several things grouped together or considered as a whole
  6. (accumulation) the act of accumulating
  7. To heap up in a mass; to pile up; to collect or bring together; to amass; To grow or increase in quantity or number; to increase greatly; Collected; accumulated
  8. (Accumulation) With respect to mutual funds, accumulation is when a fixed dollar amount is invested regularly and any capital gains and dividends are reinvested back into the fund. ...
  9. (accumulation) A miscellaneous grouping of coins, often as a monetary hoard. Opposite of a coin collection. A second use is as a grouping of a particular date, type, or series. (Example: an accumulation–of Bust Halves.)
  10. (accumulation) a choreographic device or structure where new movements are added to existing movements in a successive manner, e.g., A, AB, ABC, ABCD
  11. (Accumulation) That which results from a stock which shows higher volume on the upside than on the downside. Generally, this is a period of price equilibrium after a decline. The forces of demand become dominant, and the trend of the stock turns up.
  12. (Accumulation) This is another way of saying: professional buying. A stock is under accumulation when volume expands on days when price moves up.
  13. (Accumulation) An audience-counting method, where each person exposed to a specific vehicle is counted once within a certain time period.
  14. (Accumulation) The act of buying more shares of a security without causing the price to increase significantly. After a decline, a stock may start to base and trade sideways for an extended period. ...
  15. (Accumulation) in technical analysis: The first phase of a bull market. While most investors are discouraged with the market, and earnings are at their worst, some investors start buying shares. Another meaning: an addition to a trader’s position.
  16. (Accumulation) Surface addition of snow to a glacier or snowfield.
  17. (accumulation) Quantities of coins, tokens and other numismatic material which has not been sorted, classified, attributed nor organized in any meaningful way, unlike a true coin collection.
  18. (Accumulation) The buildup of a chemical in the body due to long-term or repeated exposure.
  19. (ACCUMULATION) The number of risks (or sums insured) which are exposed to claims arising out of a single loss occurrence. ...
  20. (Accumulation) A concentration of risk where an insurer may find it has multiple risks of the same category or geographic location which substantially increases the overall exposure.
  21. (Accumulation) As a result of exposure to various disease-causing factors, one or more of the doshas accumulates in its seat: kapha in the stomach, pitta in the small intestine, and vata in the colon. ...
  22. (Accumulation) Buying shares over a period of time. For an individual investor, this just means buying additional shares of a stock you already own. For an institution, however, it may mean making a series of purchases rather than one large purchase that could drive up the market price.
  23. (Accumulation) For a negative gate bias, holes are drawn to the semiconductor-insulator interface. A conducting surface extends from the bulk all the way to the interface, and the surface conductivity is enhanced by the accumulation of holes at the interface.
  24. (Accumulation) If X → YZ and Z → V, then X → YZV
  25. (Accumulation) It is a phase in price activity where the range in which prices move around is relatively small and volume is comparatively small, and the final breakout is on the upside. This accumulation phase is generally found after a sustained downtrend and is normally found around the bottom.