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accompanied, past participle; accompanies, 3rd person singular present; accompanying, present participle; accompanied, past tense;
  1. Go somewhere with (someone) as a companion or escort
    • - the two sisters were to accompany us to New York
    • - he was at the banquet accompanied by his daughter
  2. Be present or occur at the same time as (something else)
    • - the illness is often accompanied by nausea
  3. Provide (something) as a complement or addition to something else
    • - home-cooked ham accompanied by brown bread
  4. Play a musical accompaniment for

  1. attach to: be present or associated with an event or entity; "French fries come with the hamburger"; "heart attacks are accompanied by distruction of heart tissue"; "fish usually goes with white wine"; "this kind of vein accompanies certain arteries"
  2. go or travel along with; "The nurse accompanied the old lady everywhere"
  3. play along: perform an accompaniment to; "The orchestra could barely follow the frequent pitch changes of the soprano"
  4. company: be a companion to somebody
  5. (accompanying) attendant: following or accompanying as a consequence; "an excessive growth of bureaucracy, with attendant problems"; "snags incidental to the changeover in management"; "attendant circumstances"; "the period of tension and consequent need for military preparedness"; "the ensuant ...
  6. (accompanied) having companions or an escort; "there were lone gentlemen and gentlemen accompanied by their wives"
  7. (accompanied) playing or singing with instrumental or vocal accompaniment
  8. To perform an accompanying part or parts in a composition; To go with or attend as a companion or associate; to keep company with; to go along with; To perform an accompanying part next to another instrument; To associate in a company; to keep company; To cohabit (with); To cohabit with
  9. (Accompanying) A type of visa in which family members travel with the principal applicant, (in immigrant visa cases, within six months of issuance of an immigrant visa to the principal applicant).
  10. (2) ACCOMPANYING) For music festivals and exams etc: one rehearsal (30 minutes) and performance £25 plus mileage of 40p per mile over 10 miles to and from venue. ...
  11. (Accompanying) (or Trailing) Spouse
  12. (Accompanied) (Ac-com'-pan-ied) Between. For example, accompanied by four crescents, would mean between four crescents.
  13. v.  walk or travel with (sb) as a companion or helper; escort
  14. (v) birgеsinе barırģa, birgеsinе bolurģa
  15. (verb) Go with, escort. For example: 'The Prime Minister will be accompanied by four government officials through the whole tour of Australia.'
  16. (n) : keep company with, follow