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Extremely bad; appalling,
  1. Extremely bad; appalling
    • - the quality of her work is abysmal
  2. Very deep

  1. very great; limitless; "abysmal misery"; "abysmal stupidity"
  2. resembling an abyss in depth; so deep as to be unmeasurable; "the abyssal depths of the ocean"
  3. (abysmally) terribly: in a terrible manner; "she sings terribly"
  4. Pertaining to, or resembling an abyss; bottomless; unending; profound; fathomless; immeasurable; Extremely bad
  5. (abysmally) Very; incredibly; profoundly
  6. of ocean depths below bathyal (4000 meters)
  7. having immense or fathomless extension downward, living conditions of the poor